Dog Graduation Cap & Gown

by Barbara
(Benton, AR)

I work at Petco as Dog Trainer and I would love to do something that would really be enjoyed by everyone by making a dog graduation cap and gown.

I would like to make about 4/5 of these for different size dogs or puppies. I would like it to look real but easy to make and put on.

Jo's Response:
Hello Barbara, that does indeed sound like something that would make dog owners happy. Here are my ideas:
I would suggest you start by looking at our Dog Party Hats: Basic Designs page. If you scroll down this page, the third set of instructions includes a Grad Cap made of two different types of cardboard parts. Before you glue the two parts together, cover them with the fabric you are planning to use; then add your tassel.

You could make a tassel using thin string and following instructions for making a Homemade Pom Pom. Simply make the pompom first, then leave one of the strings longer to serve as a hanger for the tassel. Next staple or glue it to the underside of the grad cap - you can cover it with more fabric to hide how it is attached, or perhaps make a small slit in the fabric and slide it in, then glue it.

Finally, staple a thin length of elastic to the inside of the tube to keep it on the dog's head. Make sure it is covered elastic like that used for human hair that will not pinch fur.

For the easiest gown idea, you could try the Dog Cape Two design on our Dog Capes page.

This is basically a rectangle with a gather created at the neck end, and then some type of tying material is sewn across the top to fasten it around the dog's neck.

Since this is a graduation gown, you will want to make the rectangle much wider so it drapes down close to the floor but does not interfere with the dog's ability to walk.

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