It's Fun Making Dog Hair Bows!
                   by Cheryl from the U.S.

Cheryl shows her creative side by making her own dog bows!

Imaree, a cute pedigreed Biewer Yorkie, shows off a blue-and-white striped hair bow made for her by her owner, Cheryl.Homemade dog bow looks professional!

I made 6 dog hair bows!!! They didn't come out great, but for a first try they are ok. I have a photo I made for my friends. Of course they think I'm crazy, and should buy the dumb bows, but I think it's fun.

Thank you so much for the information on your web site.  It's a wonderful reference place for all dog lovers.  There's a youtube video that shows how to make a dog bow and combined with your information and your helpful e-mail, the picture of Imaree will show you my first try at dog bow making!!!  Not bad.... a little lopsided, but it works!!!  Had to share a picture... she looks so cute!!!

My baby's name is Imaree and she's a German born Biewer Yorkshire a'la Pom Pon. Yup.. that's the breed name! She's amazing and I have her sister Isabelle and a new baby that was born here in the US named Harry Hoppelmeir. The breeder Molly, from Almost Heaven Biewers, is the BEST and I wish I could buy more of her dogs, they are as fantastic as she is.

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