Dog Halloween Costume Ideas: Boxer and Ring Girl

by Laura
(Hamilton, Montana)

Boxers robe

Boxers robe

Izzie (Shih Tzu) Ring Girl Costume

Bailey (BOXER) Boxer Costume

My cousin and I entered our dogs together in a Petfest Best dressed contest (we took first).

I shopped at thrift stores for baby clothes and silk PJ etc.

Ring Girl Costume

Jean dress or top and skirt (For my Shih Tzu I used a size 18 months)
Tennis ball cut in half
Old nylons (cover tennis ball halves with nylons)
Any color material to cover tennis ball to look like bikini with cleavage
Hot glue
Baby head band
Glitter glue

Boxer costume

Silky PJ's
Glitter glue

See pictures for how these costumes were put together.

Laura, thank you for these great dog Halloween costume ideas! We are going to guess how these were put together:

The first part of the Ring Girl dog costume on Izzie looks fairly straightforward to make, since all you did is put a dress (or top and skirt) on your Shih Tzu. Then you took the tennis ball halves covered with nylon, and glued the bikini fabric over them. For the next step, which is putting the bikini ensemble into the top, it looks like you probably put the dress on your dog, then pinned the tennis ball contraption in place. After that, we imagine you took the dress off, and then glued the pinned parts to the dress and removed the pins. If we were to re-create this homemade dog costume, we would use safety pins rather than straight pins to avoid accidentally poking the dog. We're not sure where baby headband comes in-perhaps it holds the flower or the Round 1 sign?

For Bailey's Boxer Costume, the PJ top looks like you did not alter it, although it would be possible to do so if it was too big by cutting a slit along each side and sewing or gluing the parts closer together. We think you first put the top on the dog, and then used chalk or a pencil to outline the writing to make sure that it was centered properly. Following that you took it off and added Bailey's name with glitter glue.

The boxing gloves look like they were made from the same silky fabric as the PJ's, taken from the pants. We imagine you cut out two sets of oversizes mitten patterns with the fabric folded double, wrong side out, then sewed the unattached seams together, leaving the bottom ends open for stuffing and adding the cuffs. You then turned the fabric so the right side was to the outside.

The cuffs look like they were made of a strip of the silky PJ fabric edged with cord or bias tape and that you either glued or sewed that on. Labels were added by cutting out two rectangular pieces of white fabric and gluing them to the cuffs. You used a black marker to write Bailey's name in a fancy way. The finished cuffs were either sewn or glued to the mitten bottoms.

Next you stuffed the mittens with something light such as paper towel, tissue paper, or plastic grocery bags, making sure that it stayed in the main part of the mitten and did not come down into the cuffs.

Laura, if you did things differently from any of these instructions, please put it in the Comments below. Thanks again for submitting these dog Halloween costume ideas!


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Again sorry I'm not good at writing the directions Next time I'll do the directions as I'm creating. so I can add my Ideas to this site. which is Awesome thanks for sharing it.

I bought a dress and turned it into a top and skirt. I used a stretch head band for the waist of the skirt ?folded the skirt over the band and hot glued it down this way it is open on the bottom so the dog can walk and go potty. Then I took the tennis ball halves covered with nylon, I actually made a bikini top that tied around Izzie?s neck and chest and fit the dress top/vest/harness over it. You are correct the baby headband was for the flower or the Round 1 sign.

For Bailey's Boxer Costume, Since I had my cousin send me Bailey?s measurement like they show to measure your dog for a coat etc. So it depending on the size of satin PJ you find and the size of the dog as to whether or not you would have much altering to do. The PJ?s I found were long pants so I had to cut them and hem them (hot glue) to make them into shorts. For the lettering I used felt letters (I scrapbook and had some of these in my supplies) and added the glitter glue.

The boxing gloves are genuine boxing gloves, I did not make them. My Nephew was a fighter and let me borrow them. If I had to get some I was looking a buying some kids toy boxing gloves. I looked for patterns on line to make some but didn?t find anything.

Izzie and Bailey took 1st place at Petfest 2011 in there costumes.

Hope the helps.

Laura, this helps a lot - thank you!!

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