Dog Party Hat Designs

Here are my ideas for dog party hat designs - these can also be used as additions to dog costumes!

Scroll down for the nitty gritty on the above designs

Decide whether you want round or cone-shaped hats, or both.

Once you've got your complete set of hats ready, punch holes for the ties before you start decorating so you don't damage your handiwork.

You can use a hole punch, needle, nail, or the point of some scissors to make the hole.

Decorations for Dog Party Hat Designs

Things you could use or make include:


  • Birthday year
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Nautical theme
  • Nature
  • Valentine

Materials & Media

  • Animal pictures or drawings
  • Bones and feathers
  • Bows and ribbon
  • Dried flowers
  • Glitter
  • Hearts
  • Sequins
  • Stars

Nautical Theme

The first thing I did was to cover the end of a roll of tape, which was bare cardboard, with a background sheet of foil.

The foil came from the inside cover of an empty dry milk box.

The outside of the cover had areas of blue writing on a white background, which were perfect for making the decorations that I glued on.

A nautical themed party hat with sailboats and anchors.Party hat with sailboats, anchors and seagulls for a nautical theme.

Halloween Idea

Here I glued a sheet of white paper to a cone-based hat.

Since it was close to Halloween, the local paper had some witches, pumpkin and bat pictures.

You could also draw your own...

Bones, Anyone?

On our walks around the camping area, I would occasionally find little skeletons. After a while, I had quite a collection.

In this case, I decided to leave the cardboard roll uncovered and glue the bones right onto the hat.

Mother Goose or Aesop's Fables

Cone shaped hat with fox, planet, moon and stars themeThe fox is the centerpiece of this dog party hat

I had a box of colored pencils and covered this cone with some white paper too.

Since we had access to the Internet via satellite, I was able to find a picture of this fox's head and copy it. Then I added some planets, moon and a star just because that's what came to mind at the time.

With this fox, I could have added grapes instead to illustrated the Aesop's Fable, "The Fox and the Grapes."

Woodsy or Nature Theme

As you can see from the far right hat in the top photo, you can use pine cones and twigs to make dog party hats that won't cost you anything except glue.


In this case, I added a dog's name - Rex - and that's something you could add to any of the above hats. You could also use markers or glitter glue to embellish your hats with dog names or to write Happy Birthday, etc.

Well, here's wishing you a good dog party or a fun time at your next dog costume parade!

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