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Let our dog plans be your guide to making a dog ramp, treadmill or wheelchair!

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Dog Ramp Plans

Dogge Bridge™ Plans

8 CAD drawings + spec
sheets with three
3D colored drawings.
Extra sturdy, portable
folding dog ramp
for dogs up to 175 lbs.

Only USD 9.95
(Downloadable pdf file)


Dogge Ramp™ Plans

8 CAD drawings + spec
sheets with three
3D colored drawings.
Sturdy but lightweight,
portable, folding dog
ramp for dogs up to
115 lbs.

Only USD 8.95
(Downloadable pdf file)


Dog Treadmill Plans

Dogge Runner™ Plans
14 CAD drawings + 28
pages of photos &
Manual powered carpet
treadmill. For dogs up to
medium stride and people
up to 180 lbs.

USD 14.95
(Downloadable pdf file)


Dog Wheelchair Plans

Dogge Chariot™ Plans
27-page printable pdf
with detailed parts list,
instructions and photos.

MEDIUM SIZE for dogs
25-50 lbs. (NOT tested
on larger dogs.) PVC design.
Height can be adjusted.
Harness instructions
included. See here
for testimonials.

Only USD $7.95
(Downloadable pdf file)


Dogge Buggy™ Plans
31-page printable pdf with
detailed parts list, drawings,
instructions, and photos.

Lightweight, rehabilitative
wooden quad dog wheelchair
dogs. Unique swivel
design for front wheels.

Price USD 10.95
(Downloadable pdf file)


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