Dog Refrigerator Magnets

Dog refrigerator magnets are awesome gifts to make for the people you know who love their furbabies. This is also a project where even young kids can help.

A sample of six dog heads to be used as outlines for dog refrigerator magnets.Some basic dog refrigerator magnet designs.

The idea is quite simple.

Make an outline of a dog's head or an entire dog, trace onto a firm surface, cut out, and then glue a magnet to the back.

Below are my step-by-step instructions for a generic design.

After that I present some ideas for how to customize your magnets so that they will have extra special meaning to the recipients of your gifts.

Basic Instructions for
Making Dog Refrigerator Magnets

  • Look online, in a book or magazine for silhouettes or outlines of dogs that are about 2" x 3" (50 x 75 mm)
  • Print a copy.
  • Cut out the silhouettes you want to use.
  • Get a piece of balsa wood, available at craft or art supply stores, to serve as the base. (You could also use thick cardboard or plastic, provided the edges can be softened or rounded and provided they will hold up to being handled.)
The underside of the dog refrigerator magnets showing the magnets glued on.Two different sizes of magnets glued to the backs (3/4" and 1")
  • Position the cutout onto the balsa wood and trace around it.
  • Using scissors or an X-acto knife, cut around the shape you've traced.
  • Round the edges with a piece of fine sandpaper and sand the top if you're using balsa wood.
  • Add features such as eyes and nose to your outline with a marker or paint or glue on some plastic googly eyes.
  • Naturally, if you have the artistic skills, you can also do a more elaborate paint job on the outline, adding features such as fur, ears and a jaw.
  • Once the paint has dried, add shellac, clear urethane, a fixative spray or even hairspray to protect the finish. You may wish to test these on a separate area first.
  • Finally, glue the magnet onto the back. I prefer to use strong, round magnets that are about 3/4" to 1" (20 to 25 mm) in diameter so that they do a good job of holding things on the fridge and will get used often.

Personalizing Dog Refrigerator Magnets

Here's one way to tailor your designs:

  • Print a color or black-and-white copy of a photo of a dog you know and surprise the owner with a magnet featuring their dog.
  • If need be, resize the copy on a photocopy machine before cutting out the outline.
Black-and-white copy of Comet's head on a piece of balsa wood prior to making the outline.Black-and-white copy of Comet's head on a piece of balsa wood
  • Trace and cut out your base (or leave it as a square or rectangle); then either glue the photo onto it, or paint the work, using the photo as a guide.

Another way would be to use a marker or paints and add details to the silhouettes such as ears, eyes, nose, jaw, teeth etc. You could also attach plastic eyes.

Present these at any gift giving opportunity and they're sure to be a hit! Not only are they fun to make, but you don't have to go to much expense to make them (several heads fit on one piece of balsa wood and magnets are cheap). You may even already have all the items on hand...

By the way, if you do make some of these, we'd love to hear about it! Feel free to share on our Facebook page (MakeDogStuff) or through this website.Thanks!!