Dog Ring Bearer:
Rhonda needs your ideas

by Rhonda
(Belmont, NC, USA)

I'm getting married in the spring and couldn't decide which nephew to ask for the ring bearer so we decided to use our dog - he's great.

We are going to have a western wedding and I want him to wear a saddle with tiny ring pillows tied to the saddle horn. We are having trouble trying to figure out what material to use maybe some sort of styrofoam form covered with leather. We just don't know. HELP!!! Thanks for any replies - we appreciate it. Rhonda

Rhonda, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I think styrofoam could work - perhaps just use it for the saddle flaps and leave the center part unsupported - just leather - so it's flexible enough to fit over your dog. Then use a little more styrofoam for the saddle horn, covered with the leather.

Note that you may first want to research the type of glue to use as some glues eat holes in styrofoam.

Alternatives would be to use cardboard or cut out plastic from milk or laundry jugs, if you can find pieces big enough.

Readers - do you have any other ideas on this? Just add them in the Comments section please.

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