Dog Shedding Magic Remedy

by Naomi
(Adkins, TX, USA)


We went to Bass Pro Shop and a lady had brought her Pug. She told us if you give your dog fish oil (since Pugs shed a lot and we have a Pug/Chihuahua mix) it cuts their shedding straight in half. My mom gives Buster (Pug/Chihuahua mix) fish oil now. It should cut it in half in about two weeks or so.

You Will Need:
*fish oil

1. Give your dog fish oil once every day.
2. Wait; it may take a while.
3. Have fun with half-less shed!

Note: This wasn't my idea. The lady at Bass Pro Shop told us.

Hello Naomi,

We appreciate you taking the time to send us this partial remedy for dog shedding, even if it wasn't an idea you came up with. We are assuming that you are giving your dog a fish oil capsule. Is this the same kind that people get and what is the dosage - in other words, how many milligrams? Would you need more for a bigger dog?

Also, we would like to hear back from you whether this worked for Buster or not. Simply post your answers to the above questions and the results on whether it lessened the shedding in the Comments section please.

Many thanks!

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by: Naomi

Yes, we give Buster a gel fish oil capsule. And it is 900 miligrams.

Thanks, Naomi!

Dog shedding
by: Anonymous

We have always given our dogs fish oil capsules. I can honestly say that if our three Rottweilers were to shed twice the amount of hair they do - on the fish oil - we would be living in a mountain of dog hair. We cannot ever reach a point while grooming them where there is not more hair in the comb or whatever implement we're using. Sorry, but fish oil doesn't do a thing to stop our guys from shedding copiously all the time.

Magic= Fish oil or just Fish!
by: Catherine

Fish oil supplements add EFAs to a dogs diet, which the average kibble does not supply because most of them are plant based and high heat processed for a longer shelf life.
What this can mean for your dog is a poor coat that is dry, dull and sheds a lot more than it has to.
In the West you can get tins of water pack, no salt sardines from Trader Joes. Canned sardines are loaded with natural EFAs and protein. I gave each of my 20-25 lb dogs a 1 T. chunk of sardine in their bowl at each meal as a topper. They loved it! Ymmm, fishy puppy kisses for me, too, LOL!
But their coats shone like satin and my girl's brush wasn't constantly clogged with wads of hair like it was when I first adopted her two years ago.
I drain the juice out of the tin and divide it between them when I first open it as a special treat...soup's on! At a bit over $1 a tin, it's cheaper than expensive supplements and much easier to administer, IMO. The best kind to get are salt-free, water packed.
If you really want to go with capsules, I'd suggest human grade *Wild* Salmon Oil for the best quality, and keep them in the fridge once purchased to maintain quality. Oils can go rancid quickly even when sealed in gelcaps. These run between 900-1200mg. Large caps can be pierced and dosed in drops for small dogs, or just hidden in wet food for larger ones.

Very helpful information, Catherine - thank you so much! - Jo

Fish Oil
by: Michelle Elliott

I can't say enough positive things about fish oil. I have 5 dogs 2 Jacks and 3 cur's. For years (3+ at least) I have been taking my dogs to the vet trying to get the whole dry itchy flaky skin and the loss of hair. And talk about hair and dust in the house, it was impossible to stay on top of it bcz as soon as you were done, everything was covered. They were on many different allergy medications, no luck there, tried olive oil, no luck there. I even changed their food many times nothing helped, but I did find a food that they were not gassy with, and I have only been able to find it online ( and I was searching for answers and found a product called PREMIUM WILD ALASKAN FISH OIL. It is pricy but it works. I don't measure how much I put on their food, but they get it on every meal, and in a weeks time, their coat had a shine to it, they stopped scratching and best off all, less shedding and less dust dander. I buy it by the gallon, and use a pump from a dish soap that was bought @ Sams and put 2 or 3 squirts on their food. They have not had a problem with loose stools, or gas. I had read that some dog owners found those problems. But I can say my 5 have not. And love the fish oil added to their food :)

That's really impressive, Michelle - thanks so much for sharing your experience with fish oil! - Jo

Great remedy
by: Anonymous

Thanks for letting me know about fish oil as a help for shedding!

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