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Sherry (Tamsworth, Australia) says:

I have two small dogs, a 6 year old female Maltese cross and a 12 week male Shih-Tzu pup (photo below).

The old girl has always had a cheeky way of finding and claiming balled up socks and the young fella loves to play tug-a-war with hubbies work socks every arvo [Aussie slang for afternoon].

I will be making two dog sock toys and trying to include a small squeak toy or lump of leather inside as a further enticement for my menagerie.

Dog Sock Toy Ideas from Visitors

Below are a number of ideas submitted by other visitors to our site and tested on their dogs!

That includes the Bottle Sock With a Face shown at right made from a discarded bottle and sock. By SVD from the U.S., this builds on another idea, the Crunch Toy: Recycled Dog Fun by simply adding a face to the sock with a sharpie marker.

Now read on for instructions from contributors!

More Ideas for Dog Toys Made from Socks

Sock Monster by Raine (MR) 

Take a sock from your drawer and sew a face of your choice. Then get a plastic or wooden stick about a metre long. Sew a string onto the sock monster and duct tape it to the plastic or wooden stick. Then enjoy playing with your dog.

Socko by Teddy (Monti) 

  1. Use a holey sock and put a small squishy ball in it
  2. Tie a knot at the end 
  3. Then connect a very long string at the knot 
  4. At the other end of the knot tie a water bottle and then you have made 2 dog toys in one. 

Sock Rock Dog Fetch Toy by Anonymous

  • I just took an old sock and stuffed it with stuffing, but first I took a small handful of small rocks and wrapped them with stuffing.
  • I took the bundle of rocks and stuffing and pushed it to the bottom of the sock.
  • Next, I stuffed the rest of the sock just to the top of foot part ( not the half that comes up over the ankle) and tied a knot close to the stuffing.

Voila! The rocks help to make the sock fly when you are throwing it for your dog. My dog just loves it because it is fun to chew and retrieve. 

Crunch Toy: Recycled Dog Fun! by H (United States)

• one (2 if your dog chews a lot) sock/socks
• one empty water bottle 

Put the empty water bottle in the sock.
Or if you are using two, put the water bottle in the sock and put the second sock over that. 
Tie a knot at the end of the sock so that the water bottle doesn't come out.


Crackle Sock by Paul from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Take an old sock and an empty water bottle. Keep the cap on the bottle. The best bottles are the ones that crack a bit when squeezed. 
Put the empty bottle in the sock, tie a knot at the top and your dog will have hours of play time at next to no cost (Heck, you already drank the water).

Sock Tube by Brent (Ontario, Canada) 

You will need 2 long winter socks and an old shirt. 1. Roll the shirt length-wise to form the base of the tube. 2. Slide the rolled shirt into the first sock; knot the end. 3. Slide that sock into the second sock; knot the end of that. 

Stuffed Shirt Dog Sock Toys by the Carillo Family (Illinois, United States)

1. First we cut up pieces of an old t-shirt and found an old durable sock.
2. Then we stuffed the sock with the shirt pieces and, to be creative, some peanut butter.
3. We next tied the sock at the top with a strip of t-shirt and gave it to our dog while we watched him chew away!
Tip: If your dog is a little rascal like ours, we might recommend using something a little bit more durable like a sock inside a sock, etc. 

Paper Buddy by Ted (Annandale, California) 

You need: 
1 long sock 
10 pieces of paper(any kind)

Crinkle the paper and then put it into the long sock. 
Then tie the long sock at the end. 
Dogs like it because of the noise the paper makes inside of the sock. 

Dangle Sockey Contest by Natalie (Mclean, Virginia)

You can make this for one or 2 dogs. You will need:
a coat hanger
1 or 2 pieces of string
1 or 2 socks

Tie the strings to the socks and tie the strings to the coat hanger.
Now hold the hanger and see which dog gets the sock first! 

Editor's note: Thank you, Natalie - bet this gets dogs jumping for joy! We would advise covering the wire ends with a couple of layers of duct tape so there are no sharp edges that will poke anyone.

Squeaky Dog Sock Toys by by Karley (Washington, United States)

Ok, my golden retriever likes noise! So i took an old sock and put a squeaker in it! Here's how it worked:

1. Get old socks
2. Wrap up squeaky toy in 2 socks
3. Ball the 2 socks up
4. Put the balled up socks inside another 
5. Tie a knot at the end of the sock


Comment October 2009: Been there, Done that by Lisa

My dog loved it!! I have to say that it used to be one of her favorite toys. I had to get many replacement squeakers at Petsmart. She would tear the socks to shreds to get the squeaker and kill it.

Right now she has a blue stuffed cookie monster I found at a thrift store that laughs and says "oh boy oh boy" when she bites or tosses it. I hear it occasionally go off at 3am. Thank goodness she is out of the puppy stage where she needs to tear everything up. 

Rattle Sock by Lisa de Beer (South Africa) 

Take an empty 500ml plastic bottle and fill it with coins or stones (they make a noise when the dog rattles the bottle). Place the lid back on the bottle to keep the stones / coins inside. Place the bottle inside an old sock and tie the end with a knot. 

Sock Sausage by Hannah (Canada) 

  1. First wear a pair of long socks over and over again (dogs love the smell).
  2. Then stuff one sock with fillings (e.g., cotton, plastic bags, other old socks, rags).
  3. Then put in a dog proof bell. 
  4. Afterward sew the end well! 
  5. Next take Sock#2 and put the stuffed sock inside it.
  6. Finally sew it closed and add a ribbon if you want. 

Thanks for checking these out!

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