Dog toy and treat:
Sparky's sock

by Bo N. Boulier

2 socks
1 dog treat
2 rubber bands
a lot of pillow fluff

First take half of the pillow fluff and put it in the sock. Next, split the dog treat in half and take one half and put the treat in the sock. Then, take more fluff and stuff it more in the sock. Last do it over again with the other sock.

Why my dog likes it?

Answer: My dog likes it because he, Sparky, likes the smell of the treat inside ,then he wrestles it, opens it and eats it. Yummy in his tummy!

Editor's comment: Bo, do you use the rubber bands to tie the socks together at the ends so the fluff and treats do not fall out?

To anyone else making this chew toy, watch to make sure your dog does not swallow the pillow fluff, rubber band or bits of sock along with the treat...

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