DIY Dog Treadmill Blueprints

Use our dog treadmill blueprints to custom build a manual version!

Our Dogge Runner™ Plans were designed by Stan, our engineer-in-residence. 

There’s Stan at left, giving the treadmill he built a workout (or maybe it’s the other way round)! At 6’4″ he’s a bit on the tall side for this medium version…

Why do we show a person rather than a dog using the treadmill? 

Because this manually powered carpet treadmill is a twofer – it offers good exercise for both dogs (up to 85 lbs*) and humans (up to 180 lbs)!

A man demonstrating the dog treadmill

*Heavier dogs can use the treadmill. However, realize that if the dog has a long stride and you want the dog to be able to gallop, you will need to build a longer platform and adjust the belt length accordingly. We cannot guarantee such modifications to our plans.

The Dogge Runner Plans Include:

  An e-book in pdf format with:
  * 14 Sheets of engineered drawings
  * 28 Pages with detailed instructions and photos.
  * Specific parts information: costs and suppliers.
  * Metric conversion and pilot hole sizing charts.

Plans can be ordered by going to our Dog Plans page.

An image of the dog blueprints table of contents.

Special Features of the Dogge Runner

  • The belt tension is adjustable.
  • The height/angle can be modified to match the needs of the user.
  • The upper frame can be customized and finished to fit your decor.
  • The frame can be used to suspend a dog’s rear or front legs if they have problems such as paralysis or weakness.
  • Parts (around $100) are readily available in U.S. & Canada
  • Dogs can control the speed themselves, as the above YouTube video of our Chihuahua mix, Pebble, shows.


Lyn F. of Chicago, IL, sent us the following:

I am very grateful to you for taking the time to create this! I loved how detailed the plans were. Since I wanted to store it under our bed, I put no sides on it. I screwed a 2×4 into the wall at the right height for our dog and rested the top of the treadmill on that – plenty stable for our 15 lb dog, who, by the way, gallops on it to get the treats we hold in our hand! And by the way, I am a 67 year old woman and I did this entirely on my own!!

Dog using the dog treadmill.

Here’s additional feedback from Mike of Kenoza Lake, NY, about the dog treadmill blueprints:

They [the plans] were great and easy to follow. It all comes together nicely. It is almost finished. I did modify it considerably. Since it will only be used by dogs under 25 lbs, must stand upright in a closet and be easy to carry, I made the frame of 3/4 pine and adjusted the dimensions accordingly – it is still hefty. I will say that in testing, it is more than adequate for my 155 lbs. I enjoyed this project and look forward to completing it.