Dog Treadmill question

by Mary Turner
(Asheville, NC, USA)


Is it possible to modify your dog treadmill plan to use in water? My old dog is currently in therapy using an underwater treadmill and I'd like to do it at home. My Dad has a pool and he said I could use it anytime. Just wondered what alternatives might be available.


Hello Mary, we have not tried to modify our dog treadmill plans for underwater use. However, you may be able to use waterproof materials for the frame and use rubber instead of the carpeting we use in our plans and get it to work.

Some other ideas that may work are at: (this one's curved but you could make it flat or very slightly curved and put the PVC rollers closer together and put a thick plastic or rubberized covering over it to avoid your dog's claws getting caught in it.)

Another option to consider is one we found at - not exactly a treadmill but could be an easier alternative if your dog likes to chase or play with balls.

All the best, and please let us know in the Comments section or by contacting us whether you were able to make a modified treadmill using our plans or whether you found another solution.

Thank you, and all the best to you and your dog!


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