Dog Wheelchair Plans

We now have customized dog wheelchair plans for medium and large sized dogs!

For our medium dog PVC wheelchair plans, see the Dogge Chariot.

This page will focus on our wooden quad wheelchair design for larger dogs, the Dogge Buggy™.

Lucia, a 100-lb Borzoi, whose rear legs are completely paralyzed is shown using a Dogge Buggy at left.

Dogge Buggy Features

  • Use as a quad wheelchair for permanent support or an interim step (i.e., rehabilitation) to a two-wheeled version.
  • The design is sturdy and relatively light weight.
  • It won't tip over with your dog in it.

Important: You will need to be able to lift up your dog to put him/her into the sling and slightly raise the rear legs as you back the dog into the chair. 

Lucia waiting for a tryout of the new wheelchair in our garage
  • The dog's rear legs are suspended, while the torso is given as much support as necessary to modify weight on the front legs.
  • The wheelchair is designed to work on rougher terrains such as dirt roads or grass as well as paved areas.
  • The front wheels have a proprietary swivel design designed to last much longer than caster wheels.

Dogge Buggy Video

The video shows Lucia trying out the wheelchair after being mostly off her feet for a year.

As you will see, she needs encouragement at this stage. Her nails are too long, hence the mincing steps.

Unfortunately, she and her owner moved away before we could take more videos of her progress.

This text will be replaced

About the Dog Wheelchair Plans

  • The Dogge Buggy wheelchair plans consist of a pdf file that you can instantly download after payment has cleared.
  • Each set of plans includes 31 detailed pages of instructions, photos, and drawings.
  • We include a table showing prices for the parts. If you buy all the parts new, the maximum cost should be no more than USD 150 and could cost far less. It should be easy to find free lumber and cloth materials if you're in an urban area.
  • To order, see our Dog Plans page.

Contact Information

Have any questions before you buy? Please read the rest of this page and then feel free to contact us if you still need to know more.

Refund Policy

We will refund the cost of these dog wheelchair plans to anyone who gives us feedback that is of value in either improving the plans or providing a testimonial  as to their effectiveness. 

We also offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE within 90 days of purchase if you can give us a valid reason why you are dissatisfied with the plans. Simply contact us.

NOTE: We do NOT hold ourselves responsible for defects in your workmanship, in the materials, or misuse of the wheelchair. 

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