I want to build a wheelchair for my dog

by Yesenia
(Chandler, AZ)


I would like to know how I can make a wheelchair for my dog because I can't afford one right now. My dog got a shot on his leg and I think that my friend got a nerve so my dog is in a lot of pain.


Yesenia, sorry to hear about your dog being in pain. I am not sure a wheelchair would answer the problem but if you are sure that is what would help, we have several pages on dog wheelchairs including some links to free designs. We also have low cost plans available to build a wheelchair out of PVC for dogs under 50 lbs.

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Wheelchair for Lab mix

by Darryl E. Cambia Sr.
(Waipahu Hawaii)


Aloha. I wanted to know how I can build a wheel chair for my dog IPO who recently had her back left hind leg amputated (Sept 10, 2010). I brought her in due to an ACL corrective surgery on that leg. The surgery went ok but during her stay somehow her leg got shattered and could not be saved. To this day I don't know what happened while she was under vet hospital care - spent over $2,000.00 for her corrective surgery on that leg and she came home with one leg gone.

Her right leg is rather weak also so want her to put too much weight on that so if you could let me know how to build a wheelchair for my dog please let me know. My dog is a mixed lab about 60-70lbs thanks and Nahalo.



Aloha Darryl,

So sorry to hear that the veterinary hospital made things worse for IPO, and charged you a chunk besides.

There are two free dog wheelchair designs that might work for you:

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes and how IPO is doing.


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Extra large dog needs help

by Charlene
(North Collins, NY )

My Cholita  when she was well

My Cholita when she was well

My dog has developed paralysis of her back legs. She is a large dog; 144 lbs...I can't afford to buy her a wheelchair. Is there any group or org that can help me get one used for her...

I love her and if I can't find something for her soon I will have to put her down. I don't want to - she is my love, her front end is ok, I feel so bad my heart aches for her...We are trying steroids to see if anything comes back...

Please if anyone knows of any site or any thing that can help I would be forever grateful.

Please email me at briggsfamh @ yahoo.com spaces added to prevent spammers from picking up this email. I hope some dog lover could help us.

P.S. We are in NY state

Editor's note: Cholita is obviously too magnificent to put down without exploring further options.

Have you checked out this link from the Great Dane rescue society where you get a used human wheelchair (about $30 at a thrift store) and alter it so the seat part holds your dog? http://www.hhdane.org/care/wheelchair.htm

If someone in your family cannot do the work, contact your local senior citizen's center and ask if they know of anyone who can help, or go and bring a picture of your dog and the instructions for this modified dog wheelchair to your local welding or machine shops. There may be a dog lover among them who will want to assist.

Also, do you have a holistic vet in your area? Acupressure may help your dog's paralysis. Keep searching online too - there may be an inexpensive CD that offers massage and accupressure techniques that help.

Visitors, any other ideas to add?

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Dog cart/sling

by Dan
(San Diego)


I have a boxer that needs support for her back legs. I've seen products for sale that support a dog's rear legs, but it seems like something that should be a reasonable DIY project. Any ideas or plans?


Dan, at this time we have no personal instructions for creating either a sling or dog wheelchair, as they are called. However, we do have a page on designs others have made at Homemade Dog Wheel Chair Designs. Hope this helps.

Update 2011: We now have plans for a PVC dog wheelchair and are working on one for large dogs made out of wood. See the PVC plans at Build a Dog Wheelchair

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Please help us keep our beautiful Tasha.

by Arline
(Howard Beach, NY)


We have adopted a beautiful ten-month-old dog, Tasha, from NSAL; the fourth one in 45 years. We have never had this problem before, but unless she is housebroken, we cannot care for her. My husband is 76 and I am 70 years old and had a heart attack in February. We don't know how to begin. We take her out when she wakes up, after each of her two meals and several times in between. She and Sushi both have crates for when Jack and I go out during the day. Both dogs seem to love the crates.

One problem seems to be she doesn't like to get her feet wet so inclement weather prevents her from going into the "dog run".

"Tasha" is now almost two years old and our home smells like urine to me. We blot, spill water and blot again, and then wash the area with vinegar and water.

We have an older dog,"Sushi" 13 yrs, and we thought she would help train Tasha..it didn't happen.

Please give us some advice. Thank you.

Hello Arline,
Sorry to hear about your heart attack but hope the prognosis is good. It sounds to me like you need to contact someone locally - try calling the local animal shelter and veterinarian's offices - they will be in touch with volunteers in the community who may be able to help train her. There are also indoor pee mats that you can buy.

Regarding the urine smell, we have a free Pet Odor remover recipe made of inexpensive household ingredients at https://www.make-and-build-dog-stuff.com/pet-odor-carpet-cleaner.html
We used it a lot in the last six months when Comet was going downhill - he either threw up or had diarrhea. Pebble also used to pee on the carpet when we left her. The odor is usually gone in half an hour, although you may smell baking soda. For long standing odors, you may need to do an area more than once.

Hope this is helpful to you - please update us as to whether you are able to keep Tasha and are doing ok yourself.


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Dixie, President Blind Dog Haven

by Dixie Mahaffie
(Poulsbo, Washington)

Quad cart with sling for small dogs


We have a just under 5 lbs chi doxie mix female whose back leg knee caps are completely dislocated. The muscles in those back legs are so tightened up her legs are pulled up into her stomach. She currently walks on her front legs with her butt up in the air, but she is not walking as much as was when we first got her a few months ago. Also her front legs are bowed and her toes are webbed out.

Anyway, I would like to build her a cart, but I didn't know if your plans would work for such a small dog and also I need a sling or something in the back for butt and pulled up legs to lay in.

In the picture, Princess is the brown one. She can move those back legs but she can't use them to walk at all, they stay pretty much tucked up under her.

Dixie Mahaffie
Founder and President
Blind Dog Haven &
Tiny Dog Haven


Dixie, we are always delighted when we learn of someone who is taking care of dogs in need of help. You are right, our wheelchair design would not work for your chi doxie (otherwise known as a chiweenie). However, I am adding a photo to this page of a design made of PVC with casters that we ran across some years ago. Unfortunately, we did not keep the instructions. Hope this is helpful! Jo and Stan

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