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Dogge Crafts

The Dogge Tote and Dogge Panniers™ e-book is the first in the Dogge Craft series.

This 20-page e-book contains detailed instructions to complete both a tote and a set of panniers done in needlepoint.

The materials should cost you between $20 and $25 total.

However, additional materials may be needed for the panniers if your dog is large.

What's In the Dogge Tote & Panniers eBook?

Pages include detailed descriptions, photos, and various diagrams. 

You'll learn:

  *Where to purchase the  materials

  *How to keep your materials organized

  *How to measure & cut out patterns

  *A variety of needlework stitches 

  *Two possible ways to line the baskets

  *How to attach the pieces together

  *Finishing techniques

Note that each project may take a few weeks to complete, depending on the needlework stitches you choose to use.

How Do I Buy the e-Book?

To purchase this e-book, click on the Visa/MC link at right - this will lead you to a PayPal screen, although you can use a credit card instead.

Price USD $9.95

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The e-book is in the form of a pdf file. After your purchase goes through, you'll be directed to a page to download the file. Once downloaded, you can print pages as needed.