Doggie Blanket

by Sara
(Washington, USA)

Old Nap blanket ( Fleece Is best)
Thin rope

*Lay the blanket over your dog. Then cut the blanket so that when you take the left and right sides, they meet on your dog's tummy.
* In the front, cut the blanket so that when you pull the parts together, they meet with no excess blanket.
* Cut a hole the diameter of the rope or twine under your dog at the largest part of your dog's tummy
* Cut a similar diameter hole at the front of the blanket on both sides of your dog.
* Tie a tight knot at one end of the rope
* Thread the rope through the blanket and leave a half of an inch of rope after the hole and tie another knot. Cut off any excess rope.
* Thread twine through both sides. Put the blanket on your dog and tie a bow (a shoelace knot) at the front and cut off any excess twine.

There you have it! You very own dog blanket! This is great on cold or snowy days outside!
Note: To take blanket off, untie bow and knot.
To wash: Undo the second knot and bow and take the rope and twine out
If you want, you can sew the parts where you cut, but this allows some ventilation and moisture to escape.
Any scrap blanket can be sewed around straps to look fancier.

Sara, thank you for this doggie blanket idea. It's sure to come in handy wherever it gets cold enough. Jo

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