Doggie Bows/Bowties Made By You

by CZ

Bows your dog will love...made by you!

Bows your dog will love...made by you!

Bows your dog will love...made by you!

This bow will bring a smile (or excited panting) to any fashionable dog. It is also very quick and easy to make! The materials that you will need are:

-Ribbon 1: One and a half inches (3.5 cm) in width; about 5 inches (13 cm) in length. Works well for large-medium dogs. Go smaller for smaller dogs.
-Ribbon 2: About one and a quarter inches (3 cm) in width; the same length as Ribbon 1.
-Accessories: plasic gems, colorful buttons, etc.
-Hot Glue Gun. if you choose not to hot glue, you can also sew instead.

Here is how you make them:
Step 1) Fold Ribbon 1 in half lengthwise and crease it. Open it and you should see the crease line in the middle.
Step 2) Fold either side of the ribbon to the crease line. Hot glue the ends down to the crease.
Step 3) Once the hot glue has dried, fold the thing in half, but not along the crease. Fold it long ways, horizontally. Pinch it in the middle of the fold. Hot glue it in the pinch.
Step 4) Tie/wind Ribbon 2 around the pinch. Hot glue it in place.
Step 5) Accessorise! Add your accessories or maybe leave it blank. Be creative!
Step 6) You can hot glue/sew your bow to a ribbon circle and hang it around your dog's neck as a bowtie. You could also hot glue/sew it to a rubberband and tie it in your dog's hair. Either way it will look fabulous!

CZ, thank you for the clear description and lovely photos! When we tried this with some ribbon, we noticed that you could probably use up to an 8-inch (20 cm) piece of ribbon for a larger dog. Thanks also for mentioning the option of sewing for those who do not have a hot glue gun. Note that for the rubber band, make sure it is a covered type so that it does not grab onto the fur and hurt the dog.

By the way, your entry may be eligible for the e-prizes to be issued January 15, 2012, but we would need an email address - you can contact us with it if you are interested - we will use it strictly for notifying you. Also, feel free to submit more wonderful ideas! Jo

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