Doggie Shirt From Baby Onesie

by Michele

That face makes me melt!

Make a Doggie Shirt the Easy Way

Making a t-shirt for a small dog is super simple using a baby onesie. I use either newborn or 3-6 months for my 13 lb Shih-Tzu mix.

- Put the onesie on the dog, inside out and so that the front is on the dog's back
- Mark where you want the shirt to end
- Remove and cut the onesie
- Create a hem either by sewing or what I prefer is iron-on hems

* Just make sure that the front is always on the dogs back or the dog might be uncomfortable.

I Thought I Was A Cat Person!

I've had a cat since I was a child. My friend always had dogs and as I got older I thought about getting one. While on vacation with my friend she convinced me that it was time.

The moment I saw him I wanted to cry. He was perfect! Training has been a fun adventure and every day there is something new.

Four months after adopting him we moved to a remote, fly-in only community in northern Canada. Here I have limited socialization and my dog has comforted me daily. It is an amazing feeling to come home to something that is just so happy to see you.

I love to make things for him, especially clothes. He is currently training for Dog Scouts and we are excited to be going to Dog Scout camp this summer.

Although I still love my cat it is a completely different love than what I feel for my dog. I am definitely converted from cat person to dog person!

Michele, we appreciate you sending in this oh so simple idea along with your darling photos! Of course, your dog will be featured in our January 2013 dog show on our home page with a link to your idea.

Note that since you sent in two shorter submissions, they have been combined so that they can remain on a page of their own.

Your remote fly-in location sounds very interesting (Stan and I have lived and hiked in isolated areas but none quite so remote) as does the Dog Scout program - please feel free to write in about it and we'll add it to your page! (If you like, up to two more photos can be added to this page - just do a separate submission).


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Sep 16, 2014
by: dc an her rat terrier babies.

Love the idea can't wait to do it

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