Doggy TuTu

by Teresa
(No Where)

Directions to make a Doggy TuTu:
1) Take a ribbon and cut it so it is the size of the waist of the dog; add more length for a bow and to be able to tie it.
2) Cut tulle so it is the length you want but double it. (Make sure it's not too long, it won't be as bouncy. Or too short makes it harder to work with.)
3) Feel free to use different colors of tulle and ribbon.
4) Fold the tulle in half. Put the ribbon on top of it, pull the 2 ends of the tulle through the curved top and pull tight. Repeat until full.**
5) Tie it around the middle of your dog.

You can also make a collar like this. Or even a human tutu. And you can make this as full as you want. I only had a little bit of tulle so I just made it to cover the top of her.

Have an extra bit of tulle not long enough for the tutu? Take it and tie it around the tail, not too tight so its uncomfortable but not too loose or it will fall off. Ta-da!

**Jo says: Teresa, this is a wonderful and simple dog costume idea (which is why we've moved it under that category).

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