Dozer Hund - Top K-9 in Combat and Search & Rescue Unit

by H. Dawson, Illinois civil Defence Militia services director.
(Springfield IL,)

Dozer Hund is one of the top K-9's in the world of public service. We are proud to have him as our K-9 lieutenant, as well as his expert handler and trainer Christopher Gribbins, in the Illinois State Militia Public Services Dept.

He has served with the state Militia civil defense unit for many years of faithful service. His main commitment is to serve his unit and community as well as the state, to the best of his abilities.

His only forms of communications are German and special hand signals; he only acts on the command of his handler Lt. C. Gribbins. He was specially bred for the job and has advanced more then expected. He is a pro at problem solving and is courageous as they come.

When he's not performing his duties, he volunteers at the local children's centers and nursing homes as a therapy K-9. He is certified in Schutzhund (national champion of his division), search & rescue, fire rescue, water rescue & retrieval, conflict control, combat services, elite tracking, level 3 high profile security, tactical agility, personal assistance, obedience, k-9 carting, draft work, therapy and more.

He's been claimed one of the worlds most highly skilled and trained k-9's by the editors of Schutzhund and K9-cop magazines, which he has been featured in more than once.

He is a distinct mix of Pitbull,
Boxer, Lab, and Chow Chow. He has touched the lives of so many, and does his best to show everyone he meets the love they deserve, or the justice they need.

Through out his years of training and service to his country in this great Republic he has undergone many unique missions and training courses which a lot of police and military k-9's have or would fail at, especially seeing as how it's estimated only 1 in every 100,000 are born with such capabilities.

If any dog shows the world a dog is more than just a pet, it would most certainly be Dozer Hund - without a doubt. If ever any need arises in which he can assist, he's there ready and willing, pushing himself to the limits until his goal is complete. He has been awarded multiple awards and medals in different tasks and missions.

We hope this will inspire you to give you're K-9 a life purpose and goals to accomplish as it will complete your dog's love for you and his happiness in life.

Thank you for sharing information and photos about this exceptional dog! My apologies for taking so long to post this (your first submission was cut off and did not provide a way to contact you). Dozer Hund will be featured in our Monthly Dog Show for November and December 2013. Jo

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by: Tina Jefferston

I see his magazine feature in schutzhund magazine and the article they wrote about him nearly had me in tears. Its such an amazing and inspirational dog. I wish more people would love their dogs like he does his.

Amazing Dog
by: Greg More

I've seen this k9 and his handler in action at the local parks and was absolutely amazed. I've never seen so many children stop playing just to see a dog and come pet it. His handler is an excellent gentlemen as well. Offered me training tips that actually worked. Hope to see this team again!

by: Vicki Gentilman

We saw a police K-9 competition in Gainesville, Florida a long time ago. The training was obvious and the team work was awesome! As a service dog partner and dog trainer I am fascinated by teams of all types. Combat and S & R are so specialized and so SPECIAL! It brought me to tears to read your story! Thank you for sharing!

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