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Duct tape doggy bone!

by random hobo
(Auckland NZ)

Ok, duct tape and socks seem to be the hot favourite for DIY doggy chew toys so...

Here's my combination (using some ideas from other people's doggy chew toys) to make a duct tape doggy bone.

1.Stuff a sock with doggy biscuits or treats and bubble wrap/cellophane.

2.Close the end of the sock with white duct tape.

3. Tie a piece of string tightly around the sock a few cm away from each end, making what looks like a sausage with two balls at each end. Make sure the end that you closed with duct tape isn't a flattish oval.

4.Cover it with about 3-4 layers of white duct tape and voila, a dog toy that will keep your sweet buddy from shredding your leather couch! Enjoy! :) :b

Random hobo, thanks for submitting this idea - it sounds like it will look just like a white doggy bone but will have a more crunchy texture. Of course, regular silver duct tape would work too but it would not resemble a bone as much.

Also, we could see where this bone could be made in different sizes simply by using a shorter, skinnier sock (perhaps that of a child) for the smaller breeds of dogs.

Just remember to supervise your dog when chewing on this toy, especially since the smell of the treats inside may cause him/her to be even more aggressive than usual in the chewing in order to get at the goodies.

All the best to you folks (and dogs) Down Under!

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