Easy and cheap dog bed

by Ashley

Here is an easy way to make a good, comfortable bed for your dog.

What you need:

  • A cardboard box that fits your dog

  • An old pillow/s or something soft

  • Markers, crayons, or map pencils optional

  • Scissors

  • Cut the top and one side of the box off

  • Decorate, color or just put your dog's name on the box if you'd like

  • Place the pillow/s inside the box

  • Now you have a nice bed for your dog that he/she can sleep in instead of you own bed.

    Editor's note: Ashley, that sounds really comfy and most dogs will like having something with sides that gives their bed a den-like feeling. We like the decorative touch too!

    As you said, this is an easy and cheap dog bed to make and wonderful if you're on a budget. We have found pillows at thrift stores for 50 cents or a dollar. Of course, this is harder to make for bigger dogs - you might need to tape together two cardboard boxes and use a folded up quilt for padding since most pillows will be too small.

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    Nice idea!
    by: Anonymous

    As you stated, Easy and cheap dog bed. But it serves the purpose.

    by: Anonymous

    sounds wounderful thank you soooo much

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