easy sweat shirts for little dogs

by Viki Gentilman
(Bryceville, Florida, USA)

Inspired by "sockys" story I was reminded when I had a little dog and how cold she got during the winter.

For an easy sweat shirt (actually TWO easy sweat shirts!) all you need is an old sweat shirt of yours or from a thrift store. Cut off the sleeves to a little longer then the dog is long if you want to finish it by making a hem...if you don't sew, don't despair! You can just cut the sleeve to fit the dogs body. Make sure that you don't get it too long because dogs do still have to go potty at times and you don't want to cover that area with a sweat shirt. IF YOU HAVE A MALE DOG YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE AN ARCHED CUT OUT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SWEAT SHIRT SO THAT IT DOESN'T GET WET WHEN HE HAS TO GO!

Flatten out the sweat shirt and lay it over the dog -- decide where the legs will be. (Note here...cut a very small hole because the reason we love sweat shirts is they stretch...a very small hole is easier to make a little bit bigger then to make too big of a hole a little bit smaller...) Then you slip the sweat shirt over the head and through the legs. And your puppy stays nice and warm.

You can trim out the sweat shirt with ribbons, buttons, sequins, paint, or whatever you think fits your dog. You can also use stencils and put their name or a cute doggy saying...get creative!

Once you have tried a sweat shirt don't stop there...long sleeved t-shirts make great doggy t's also. And even a knitted sweater works with some success (not too loose of a knit because their nails get caught in it if they get an itch) but with those you do have to sew a ribbon or something on the bottom to keep the knitting together where it was cut.

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Oct 20, 2008
by: Deb S

Now how cool is this?! And how easy as well. I have a miniature poodle and she gets cold easily. I keep her trimmed and she needs her sweaters and jackets in cooler weather. I bet the sweatshirts that have logos down the sleeves will work great as well. And I am going to try to cut two smaller holes for her legs instead of one so her chest and tummy will be more covered. What a great idea this was. Can't wait to hit the garage sales this week!

Oct 04, 2008
by: Anonymous

ok, i sound kinda stupid saying this but i dont understand how to make this. i have 3 small chiwawas. i use the dog 'socky' method with the sock. but thanx for the tip.

Sep 27, 2008
My little critters are so spoiled!!
by: Karen

We used to put a childs long sleeved shirt on our bigger dog, he was about 50 lbs. Make sure you always have at least 2 shirts per pet: one to wear and one to wash should it be accidently soiled. Our cats don't care much for clothes. Also keep in mind a dog with a shaggy coat or long hair might have enough hair to keep warm. My long hair chihuahua is always finding a way to remove his sweater! It is fun to get new ideas to make my own pet sweaters and coats. And yes, it does get cold here in Florida!!

Sep 14, 2008
My dog is bigger but....
by: Lisa

I'll bet i could do this with the leg of my old sweat pants for my 54lb dog. Thanks for the tip!!!!

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