Evil Magpies Tease Dog

by Lisa G.

Scylla hates Magpies. She is a charter member of D.ogs A.gainst M.agpies.

These bold birds used to run from her when she would run out of the house to chase them off of her bones that we toss outside for her to chew on, but now that her hips are bad, they taunt her. They pick the meat off her bone, and she will see them and chase them off. Scylla will then gnaw on the bone or stand guard over it so the magpies wont get it. They get pretty darn close to her while she is chewing on the bone. The photo shows one approaching her. It had come quite a bit closer than shown, but we missed the picture.

We can't help but tease her about the magpies. All we have to do is look out the window and whisper "those birds are getting your bone" and she hits the door as if she has no hip problem.

It's been a long time since I posted anything of my own so I decided to post today's photo. I would love to see pictures of other people's dogs with their "Pet Peeves".

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