Favorite Dog Toys
You Can Make at Home

Here's a selection of favorite dog toys you can make!

The Whipwhir, the first toy we ever made for Comet, was also his favorite!

Although dogs may not be picky about how much money you spend on a toy, they do show definite individual preferences.

Some dogs lose interest in a toy if they play with it too often or too long.

That's the idea behind the monthly BarkBox - get your dog a whole new slew of toys each month.

However, this can get expensive, and there's no guarantee that your dog will like the toys.

Make Up Your Own BarkBox

Since home made dog toys are easy and cheap to construct, and free boxes easy to come by, why not make up your own box! It doesn't have to be every month, just when your dog is clearly tired of all the old toys. You could do this for a friend's dog too.

On delivery day, create a sense of mystery by dropping the box outside the front door (or having someone else do it), knocking or ringing the doorbell, then coming in the back way to open the entry door and "find" the "surprise." 

Ready to get started? We have tons of home made toy ideas on this favorite dog toys page and many other pages, to spice up your dog's life, so scroll on down!

Comet's All-Time Favorite Toy

Comet was easily bored, but The Whipwhir was a home made dog toy that he seldom refused to play with. We liked it too because it gave him a really good workout in about 10 to 15 minutes.

He had a strong prey drive...

We started out with a pole, a rope, and some rags tied on the end. After a while, we discovered that we could simply use a rope or leash with a sock ball or some other soft item tied to the end.

Sometimes we'd use the shorter version indoors when the weather was too foul for going outside.

(Someone wrote us a few years after we'd posted this on our website - they were trying to sell us a commercial variation for $29!)

Other People's Favorite Dog Toys

We're indebted to our many wonderful visitors for writing about the toys their dog's adore - here's one from Bailey who lives in the U.S.:

Old Pillow Cases Are Fun!

OK so I have a puppy, toy poodle and she loves toys or anything she can get her little paws on that makes noise. So I have nothing to do so I decided to get pillow cases. If your dog is bigger, then make at least 2-4 layers of cases. I use 1.

Anyways, I stuff plastic bags inside it and sew the ends together. She loves it!



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A favorite dog toy:
roly poly food roll !!??
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Fleece Braids Dog Toy 
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A favorite dog toy:
the dog wrap
you need 1.a piece of cloth 2.some string(or sewing machine) 3.scissors(if sewing you do not need this) 4.some dog treats 5.some pillow stuffing …

Sock Monkey Dog Toy 
~Thing you will need~ -5 old socks -1 small ball Just put the ball in 1 sock (the head) and tie 2 socks close to the head for arms, and do the …

Favorite homemade dog toy:
The Crazy
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Indoor dog toy:
Neverending Frisbee
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Favorite dog toys:
this is simple. if ur dog jus luvs water then go to sum garage sale n c if u can find 1 of them kids shell pool/sand things n use it as a pool. my dog …