Flavored frozen sock for dogs

by Elizabeth

Take a couple of strongly flavored treats. Soak them in water for a few days. Soak an old sock with the flavored water and freeze it over night. Give it to your dog. When the sock melts, soak it in the in flavored water again and put it back in the freezer.

Editor's note: Elizabeth, thanks for this yummy flavored frozen sock for dogs idea. We think it would be good if you used natural dog treats that do not have much salt or artificial preservatives/flavorings in them. We would avoid those that do since soaking the treats could concentrate harmful ingredients.

Another alternative could be low sodium chicken broth, or the stock from boiled chicken, vegetables or fish. Just make sure that onions were not included. You could possibly also soak the sock in some homemade soup that had not yet had salt or onion powder added.

As with all things that dogs chew on, please be sure to monitor your dog to make sure that no bits get swallowed...

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