Fleece Braids Dog Toy

<i>Here's a photo of the commercial variety</i>

Here's a photo of the commercial variety

After making fleece no-sew blankets, I take my scraps and them into a 'fleece braid'. All you need is 3 strips of fleece (size depends on size of dog and what material you have to work with). I have also used the fleece from an old blanket that I no longer used and also from a pair of holey fleece sweat pants. These are so simple to make and would make a great, inexpensive toy for your dog or better yet... to donate to a shelter! These 'braids' sell at pet stores for $3-$8, but only cost pennies to make at home!

To make:
Tie the 3 strips into a knot, leaving a few inches of material on the one size. Braid & tie the other side and cut end pieces into 1/2- 1 1/2 inch fringes.

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