More about Fred The Painted dog

by Linda
(Claremont, , CA)



Fred has been getting along well. He seems to be enjoying life. We took him to a lake and he loved chasing the little waves at the shoreline. He loves riding in the boat..see new pic. If that isn't pure pleasure, I don't know what is.

He is a good traveler too. We took him to Idaho in Oct. and he saw a horse for the first time in his life. I wish I had a movie to show you. Surprise was all over his face and body language!

I have been curious about Fred’s background, so I have had his DNA done. I keep his hair short but believed he was pretty much a Cocker Spaniel mix. Well, he is, sorta. He had no Primary or Secondary just "in the mix" so he IS a mutt.
Surprisingly he is part Shetland Sheepdog and Collie. Also - and these I expected....Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Spaniel.

It's funny but most of my friends that have met Fred, always ask how's Fred?
Not how's the family just how's Fred.
I just laugh.

There is a dog park near us and I am going about 3 times a week. I noticed on the bulletin board near the entrance, that one of the people on the committee that run the park was Linda with Fred. I wondered who would have put my name in there, so I went to one of the meetings and met Linda with Fred. I am now Linda2 with Fred2.

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Freds Mom
by: Linda

Fred is almost 12 y/o now. His birthday is the 4th of July. We have a nationwide party for him with fireworks and cook outs. He loves it. Well, Maybe not.
haaaaa, Linda

Love that picture
by: Anonymous

That is a happy dog!

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The Painted Dog

by Linda Hawkins
(Claremont, CA)

Fred: Before and After

Fred: Before and After

I was mourning my 18 1/2 y/o dog Maggie when I ran across Fred.

I was driving down the street and saw a dog spray painted with green stripes and a weird haircut. I made a U turn and called him. He had no collar and was a bit ragged looking. He was barking at dog in a yard across the street and I thought he would run across the street and be hit. I thought Fred would be an appropriate name for this silly looking dog.

I put him in the car and took him home even though hubby had said, "No more dogs."
When hubby got home I said, "What should we name him?"
He looked at Fred and said,"derogatorily...Fred."
I told him I thought that was a great name...hee hee

Fred was hyper and afraid of the car and the dark. I took him for rides around the block and when he hunkered down I stopped and put his paws up and made him look out the window. On the third day the kids at the school were at recess and the laughing and play got Fred's attention. Boy did it! He almost jumped out the window. Good thing I had gotten a car seat leash for him. Fred loves to go with me in the car now.

Hubby now loves Fred as I do. He wants Fred to stay with him when I visit Lisa and Scylla but I take him with me. Last year he and Scylla wore me out just watching them run and wrestle constantly. This year was calmer and Scylla let him know when she had enough. My Grand daughter was taking a short trip and left her little Rat Terrier, Mojo, at Lisa's to be dog sat. The three dogs had a great time. I am home now from my visit with Lisa and Scylla and I think Fred is lonesome.

I know Hubby says no more dogs....but, I am thinking of a playmate for Fred. Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question.

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by: Anonymous


The Lucky Dog
by: Teddie

If Fred could talk I wonder how he would describe the changes in his life! He has had no respect and had been spray painted and left ungroomed and left to roam alone in the world. Now he has lots of toys, good food, a great place to live and play -- and best of all Linda and Clancy! A playmate would be icing on the cake.

Yes to another
by: Louise

Yes, you should get another dog! Don't tell Clancy I said so!
I admire what you did for wonderful Fred. He's now a very good looking dog and very, very loved.
Your friend!

Freds new playmate
by: Dave;-}

I thought I was supposed to be the writer!
Next thing you know you will be writing a novel like, "Gone With the Fred", or "Nightmare on Fred Street." Then, e will never talk at all!

C'mon, you know you are going to get Fred a new friend. It has to be a female and you have to name her Ethel.

But you're gonna have a lot of 'splainin' to do.

happy tails
by: Anonymous

what a cute story!!

Should've Kept Drivin'
by: Diana

Well, some people will pick up just about anything. Didn't your big mom teach you about strangers and strange dogs and exotic diseases? Obviously that dog was close to death when you found him because he had gang green all over. I sure wouldn't have stopped. Anyhow, don't think I'm just picking on your dog because you think he's cuter than Mojo. He's not and now the whole world dog is cuter than your dog. But Fred is sorta cute. Sorta. Love from your very bad grand daughter.

He's a good boy too
by: Lisa

I was surprised how well behaved this dog has become. He use to be so hyper. The tricks you taught him are pretty cool too.......and useful. Not sure how i will vote for a companion for Fred.
Scylla missed him when he left. Mojo is just too small for her to play with.
Take Care,
Fred's Older Sister

What a nice lady
by: Marie

To give a cute dog a good home. As far as getting another dog, You may lose a little of the bond you have with Fred if you do get him a friend but I don't want to say to get one and have your husband come after me ;)

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ugly duckling

by teddie
(Arcadia, CA)

When I first met fred I thought he was a sort of ugly mutt, all scraggly and homely and absolutely thrilled to be petted. In his enthusiasm to be my friend he almost jumped into my arms. How not to love him immediately?

Now he is like the ugly duckling..absolutely beautiful but--he still wants very much to be my friend. How not to love him?

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by: Anonymous

Very poetic. Very nice

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