Free Dog House Building Plan

Download a free dog house building plan today!

A set of free dog house plans makes the best use of your time and money in several ways:

  • You get a materials cut list for easy shopping.
  • You don't have to spend money on the plans themselves.
  • You'll likely make fewer mistakes.

Finding Free Dog House Plans

How do you figure out which plans to download?

Well, we've done some research for you: the tables below are organized for easy comparison into large, medium size and small dog houses.


  • BEG = beginner
  • INT = intermediate or advanced
  • h x w x d = height x width x depth
  • English units are in inches
  • Metric units are in millimeters

Free Dog House Plans - Large Dogs

h x w x d
BUILDEAZY Doghouse, English - BEG
Discuss use of pressure treated vs. untreated lumber and sealing plywood if not exterior grade. Clear construction details and drawings.
34 x 32 x 48
BUILDEAZY Doghouse, Metric - BEG
Same as above
840 x 780 x 1200

Dog House Plans for Free - Medium Size Dogs

h x w x d

Scroll down below photo to 2nd PDF file in the list and click on it. Includes plans, cut list, and drawings. They used Plytanium siding rather than exterior grade plywood and a fascia board for decoration. The door has a jamb (sill). A rear vent can be added to the back side of the dog house for added ventilation.

31 x 23 x 36

SPARKY1 - Wood Dog House - INT
Insulated dog house with front porch and deck. Great photos, a few clear drawings and a detailed materials/cut list.

37 x 30 x 33

Wayne of the Woods Insulated Dog House Plan - INT
This insulated doghouse has an interior wall that partially separates the entry way from the remainder but still allows for air circulation - good since there are no windows. The exterior 1/4" plywood walls have 3” insulation added.

36 x 29 x 19

Free Dog House Building Plan - Small Dogs

h x w x d

Small Dog House Plans from My Outdoor Plans - INT
Excellent cut list detailing where the materials will be used. Colorful 3D drawings for each step. Framing is 2x2s with 3/4 plywood for roof, walls and roof. Doorway is 12" high. Note: Link to insulated dog house plan does not work properly.

18 x 24 x 23

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