Frozen Tennis Ball" Dog teething toy

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One day I was bored and wanted to make my 7 month old puppy a toy that she could not rip up. So I thought of an idea for her. I think it would also be good for your dog's teeth if your dog is in the period where he/she is teething.

What you'll need:

A tennis ball
A bowl of cold water.

Take the tennis ball and place it in the cold water for 5-20 seconds. Next, take the tennis ball out and place the tennis ball in your freezer. Wait till the ball is rock hard before you take it out. (You might wanna check on it every ten minutes or so just in case)

When your frozen tennis ball is hard enough, take it out of the freezer and give it to your dog; I'm sure she'll love it! My puppy started tossing it around everywhere and played with it until water started dripping all over the floor.

(You might want to have the dog play with this outside if you do not want to mop up a wet floor.)

This will last from 10-30 minutes maybe. :)

Hello and thank you for this refreshing idea! This is so simple and sounds like a great chew toy for dogs of any age, not just young ones or those that are teething, especially on hot days...

Note that if you are strapped for cash to buy tennis balls, you can often find discarded balls in the trash cans next to tennis courts, or just lying in the grass outside. (Make sure that you are not picking up any balls that are being used by people playing on the courts!)

Another idea would be to soak the tennis ball in some low sodium chicken or beef bullion (or you can use leftover clear soups, as long as they are not high in salt). You could also use fruit juice to give the frozen tennis ball more flavor.

A further thought would be to make several of these at once – as many as your freezer can hold – using different flavors of broth or juice. That way you will always have some on hand when your dog needs something new to chew on, and some variety if he/she gets bored with one kind.


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sounds good
by: Anonymous

Have to try it with my dog who chews them up totally and hubby's 5 year old basset/beagle mix.

Jo, I make my own chicken broth - a good idea.

Need to get balls some from the sporting goods dept - the ones from the dog dept they tear up.

Our house is wet proof too. Heidi

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