Golfi the Wonder Dog

by Beth Rood
(Bryceville, Florida)

Golfi is the most perfect dog in the world! :-) She is a 4 Yr old German Shepherd who came from Germany as a puppy. Her first owner claims he just didn't like her, how in the world I don't know. Golfi's second home was a trainer where she was a kennel dog :-( But she learned obedience and some Schutzhund training. Her 3rd owner was the worst! A mean greedy old man who kept her in a dirty kennel and never took her out. When I met her I thought she was a wonderful dog and I was extremely pleased to bring her home.

Golfi is now a Service Dog who goes everywhere with me. She is wonderful, loving, and is soo friendly! Sadly though she has Hip Dysplasia, and had Heartworms when she came to me from the mean old man. Golfi still works and she loves it, however I am slowing her down so her hips don't hurt.

Golfi loves kids and everyone she meets! I may continue and get her certified as a Therapy dog as well.
She really is truly a Wonder Dog.

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Where's the picture??
by: Viki, Patches and Hannah

LOVE that another service dog user has written their doggies story...and better yet that I have MET the wonder dog in person! Patches and Hannah want to know where the pictures are and so do I.

Poor thing
by: Anonymous

she deserves the good life she has now. Pictures would be nice. I would love to see her.

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