Great Dog Site Resources

Cats and Dogs
Answers to pet parent questions and much more!

Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers
Facts about dog bites and helpful legal information. Covers areas outside of Chicago as well.

China Road-Lowchens Australia
A huge number of dog related links including a Do It Yourself and a Fun section.
China Road Showstackers
- A unique training device for teaching your dog to stand still for up to 30 minutes at dog shows.

Dog Arthritis
Need more information about dog arthritis?

Doglinks New Zealand - Leading you into New Zealand's Dog Web - 
Information about working dogs, training issues, dog tricks, dog problems, a listing of dog clubs, trainers, breeders and kennels, canine health and care, and a place for teachers & students. The Dog News Blog is updated daily to share opinions. 

Dog Friendly Workplaces in the U.S.
Wow, a state-by-state listing of places where people bring their dogs (and sometimes other pets) to work!

Dog Judges Directory Worldwide
Useful links to information on dog judges in many countries of the world.

Dog Vomiting White Foam
The most common causes of dog vomiting white foam include seizures and digestive problems like pancreatis and bowel inflammation.

Dogs, Puppies and other Pets for Sale in the UK
The Pets4Homes website is a free pet advertising website for dogs, puppies and other pets. Also find information on all dog breeds, cat breeds and pet insurance.

Get a Free Dog Magazine
This U.K. based magazine contains tons of information as well as humor.

Natural Pet Choice
A delightful U.K. site with organic pet food, some unique toys, and other natural products.

Dutch website - Alles wat je wilt weten over je hond - Everything you want to know about dogs.

Dutch website - Echt alles over honden - Comprehensive dog site - can be translated.

Puppy Dog Place
Puppy Care 101: A fun and informative guide to raising happy and healthy puppies.

Rover Recommended
Plan the perfect UK holiday or day out with your dog. All proceeds from this site go to a dog rescue charity, the Border Collie Trust GB. 

Show Dog Topiaries
Unique Wire Art dog topiary. Specializing in beautiful true-to-the-breed standard canine topiaries that are crafted especially for the everyday gardener.

Sled Dog Central
Your on-line sled dog advertising & information source

Way Cool Dogs
Most of the dogs who are in shelters are there because of lack of knowledge about dogs. Way Cool Dogs is a blog full of dog information, photographs; dog health and research related articles; dog product reviews; guest posts; and up-to-date dog news and information. Another part is NE PETS Meals on Wheels.