Theo the Thrilling puppy...

by Toni
(Abercarn, Wales)



Theo and Max

Well it was my best friend's fault. She had just moved into her lovely new home and was looking to rescue a dog to make her home complete.

She had invited myself and my partner to join her to help her choose a suitable dog, and we went just for a day out.

Level headed, serious and with the attitude of 'no more dogs' I went in, determined not to melt at the big brown eyes and waggie tails. My beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross German Shepherd at home was my priority and my life, and I really thought he had grabbed all the love and cuddles that I could ever give to a dog. I had no intention of adding to the family.

Max had come into our lives a couple of months earlier after my partner spotted a 'free to a good home' ad in the local paper. His previous owners did not have the time to exercise him, and made the sad and upsetting decision to rehome him.

Around the kennels we went, trying not to get too upset about the space the dogs had to endure. The kennels were quite spacious but they just can never be big enough. Nearly all the dogs were Staffordshire Bull Terriers or big working dog breeds. Each with their own story, memories and an air of sadness about them.

My partner looked at me... with a tear in her eyes and asked if we could just have one.. just one to give a new home, to love and play, and to keep Max doggie company. that was that. I knew I could not say no. So let's be sensible. Not just choose the cutest, fluffiest dog.

So many dogs... we walked a few... Then suddenly my friend shouted 'Toni look here.. it's Max!!' I rolled my eyes... as if.... There in the kennel, was a 6 month old brindle puppy. He was sad, looking at us out of the corner of his eyes, his tail wagging gently, as if trying not to get too hopeful. His name was Brian. And he was the spitting image of Max. Oh my goodness!

He jumped, skipped, licked his way up the road as we took him for a walk. He was so adorable. He had been given up twice; found on the streets each time by the warden. Twice he had also been chosen to be rehomed, but the people never came to pick him up.

He had not been lead trained, but managed beautifully. It broke my heart to say goodbye that night. So that was it. We had found our new dog.

The next day we took Max to meet him... they were fantastic together. We refused to leave him, instead insisted on taking him home. We signed on the dotted line, and brought him to his forever and ever home. It turns out that Max was willing to share the love and cuddles, and now they are the best of friends and inseparable. Brian became Theo as it suited him so much better. We cannot imagine life without them.

Wow, what a story! So glad that you changed your mind, Toni - Theo sounds like he deserves all the love you and your partner have to give...and we definitely believe that young dogs are better off with a like companion.

Appreciate you writing in and supplying the photos - be sure to check our home page for December!

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After going two weeks without a dog I went to animal control with my mom. We had given away a puppy because he was too much work and had too much energy for our apartment life. At this shelter there were many pit bull puppies and only three were older and two were not pit bulls. There are no pit bulls allowed in our apartment although we did have one previously. I instantly fell in love with one of the older not pit bull dogs and my mom fell in love with the other. After taking them both outside we went home. Even though my mom wasn't planning on getting a dog we went back the next day and I proved to my mom that Deuce had better health than the other. We adopted him and he is just the sweetest dog. Although he is older he still has a lot of spunk and loves to run around and play. He is like a big fluffy bear that will just plop down on your lap. He is the dog that I have been a imagining since I was little. Plays fetch, gives kisses, runs with you and is fairly well trained. He is truly the best dog I could have wanted. He is possibly a German shepherd golden retriever chow chow mix.

Deuce sounds like a delightful dog and well chosen. Thanks for sharing your story! Jo

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R.B. Dawg

by Viki
(Bryceville, Florida, USA)

I was reading about Comet's adventures on his blog...any idea what he is mixed with? We had a German Shepherd mixed with BEAGLE....she looked like a GSD but had really short legs...and she would start her bark as a low rumbly, big chested GSD bark...but ended with a distinctive Beagle bay. We called her our hound from hell...although she was very friendly everyone was scared of her. I miss that dog.

When my son was little he had a speech problem and would try to say, "I'll be darned!" but it would come out "RB Dawg". That is what we named her when she came along because Billy surprised me with her. She had so many ticks on her ears that they looked like they were beaded with little seed beads. She was also covered with fleas and had an allergy to them to she barely had hair, just thick awful-looking skin with fleas everywhere. She
also had heart worms...she wandered up to Billy's work just a few weeks after our 1/2 wolf-1/2 bearded collie had died.

For a "free" dog she was probably the most expensive dog we ever had. After taking her to the vet's to be checked and dipped and told we would have to strengthen her before she could undergo treatment for the heart worms, we went about getting her healthy. We gave her herbs, canned food with dry, bathed her every day with Dawn (our vet told us about that!) and jalapeno seeds every day. It only took two months before we took her back to the vet's -- most of her hair was back, she was no longer showing ribs, and BEST of all the heart sounded much better. He gave her the arsenic treatment and she came through like a champ. He was surprised at how few heart worms she passed...and told us he was SURE there were more than that when he first tested her and listened to her heart...he asked us what we did. I told him that I had heard that jalapeno seeds would kill heart worms and that is what we gave her as well as different herbs. He laughed and said that his grandma in Texas swore by jalapeno

Editor's note: Sorry, Viki - we've asked Comet numerous times who his parents were but he's just not tellin'!

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