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Pyrenees are cool loving dogs
by: Dean

We live in the central prairies of Saskatchewan in western Canada. We have a 1 year old female Great Pyrenees named Katie. She loves the outdoors. I have tried to bring her indoors but resists with all her might. She has an electrically heated mat in her dog house, but insists to sleep outside all winter on our driveway. This past winter, she was continually dragging out her blanket from her house, shaking it out on our driveway much like a picnic blanket. She would then nuzzle it up with her nose to about the size of her body, then would lie on it all night in minus 35 degree Celcius.

She guards our farm yard all night barks at all coyotes or rabbits or anything else that wanders near our yard. She's a great watch dog, but would lick any human to death if they entered our property. She's just a gentle giant.

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