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Question about breed choice
by: Olivia

Not sure why you got a breed known for barking.

by: Hannah

Hey Vicki,

So, I'm thinking of raising a GP to be my Mobility Assistant/Service Dog, too, but I've got several questions about it! Like how old they should be to teach them certain things, etc? I've discovered that finding a dog to help me is nigh-on impossible where I am and about the only way I can afford it (so I don't have to travel hours away to work with a dog-program) is to do it myself. I've had experience with dogs, and even with a GP before, but not training a GP to help with Mobility or be a Service Dog, even, in general...any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated!

(HannahJoy, your email has been forwarded to Vicki rather than posting it here. Jo)

Good to hear about you guys!
by: Heather

This is so great... a place to read about the antics of Viki and Hannah! :) Sounds like she is progressing by literal leaps and bounds.. how I wish I could've seen your mall shopping trip! Miss you!!

by: Lisa

You must have been reading my mind.
I received in my e-mail box 2 announcements for blogs on M&BDS. Both are yours. after reading the first one about the antique bed I was wondering what a service dog was (I even read the 2 prior posts on a different day). Thanks for the info.

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