Heavy duty dog toys:
The Paper Crinkle Pouch

by Alexia
(Florida, United States)

I wrapped my Paper Crinkle Pouch in an old beanie

I wrapped my Paper Crinkle Pouch in an old beanie

Hello! My name is Alexia (Lexi) and I'm 13 years old. This homemade dog toy comes under the category of heavy duty dog toys. To make it you are going to need:

* Paper
* Any kind of tape
* Wax paper
* Aluminum foil and
* Cloth or duct tape

1. First you take the paper and fold it in half (you can cut and trim the paper to adjust the size according to the size of your dog.)

2. Next you tape two open sides on the folded paper, thereby making the pouch.

3. Then rip about 5-10 (depending on pouch size) 2x2 pieces of wax paper, and do the same for the foil. Crumple the pieces and stuff them into the pouch.

4. The second to last step is to tape the pouch shut. You can also try to round out any sharp corners with tape.

5. Finally wrap the pouch up with several layers of cloth or duct tape so it is durable and long lasting.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Editor's note: Wonderfully clear instructions and photo, Lexi! Thanks for the idea - these should make good heavy duty dog toys!

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