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Not a true service dog??
by: Steven,L

I'm not calling Heidi out, but keep in mind that she got on this kick of service dogs when her friend gave her a retired dog harness and handle. The dog she has is nice and sweet but a service dog doesn't jump on kids when they meet them and a balance dog doesn't move away from you when you walk a step like its afraid!! Heidi goes in to stores fishing for someone to question her about her "service dog;" then she throws a service dog card in their face and says she is allowed in the store and will contact her lawyer. She is giving a bad name and rap to the true people that need them and use them for their trained purposes. She will also make you think she know everyone under the sun and be careful you don't make her mad cause she will rattle off the people she knows?? I do feel sorry for her and most of all for the animals that they have. If you see updated pictures of her service dog she is very over weight and is more of a "look at what I have and you don't" piece. I'm not throwing my mom under the bus but I'm not letting her give a bad rap to all the legitimate people that use and need service dogs.

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