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Apr 21, 2011
dog anxiety vest
by: Viki

Because I have had dogs with severe anxiety (some with separation issues, some with storm issues) I like to see what is new out there. The idea behind these vests is that they fit so tight the dog forgets what he is anxious about. Think about a long day in tight pantyhose or underwear...

In reality this could only cause MORE anxiety. Whatever happens (good or bad) during a fear episode is the thing a dog focuses on.
There are things that do work -- there are herbs that work (including collars full of herbs that don't need to be ingested) as well as desensitizing the dog to its fears. Of course, there are medicines also but they don't work for long periods of time so you pretty much have to be there when the dog is beginning a fear stage.
Desensitizing is the best method -- but it is suggested that you use a pet behavior specialist to at least get you started.

Here are some tips though -- NEVER pet or console your dog when it is fearful. Do NOT say it is OK or some other such thing that humans tell humans. Dogs see that they are getting attention and can actually become much worse if paid attention to -- I know it is our first instinct but believe me when I tell you I took a thunderstorm phobic dog that would pant and pace during a storm to one that actually jumped out of a window!

I hope you find what is right for your dog but I do not believe the anxiety vest would be the correct approach -- please let us know if you decide to try it and it works though...

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