Homemade Dog Collar

by Chiara



My parents, my brother and I might get a dog (keeshond), and I have been doing a lot of research for dog beds, feeders, etc... I found a lot of stuff that was nice, but all VERY expensive, or over what my brother and I are willing to spend on accessories and all. So, one day, when I had nothing to do, I came up with the idea of making stuff myself.

I thought of first making a dog collar:
First I chose a belt I liked but didn't use or would never use so that I could cut it up. One that I would like my dog to wear. The one I chose had buttons on it and a heart shaped buckle. I cut off a bit more of the belt that I wanted to use so that I could glue stuff on it if i wanted to. I hid the pin part of the buckle under the belt, so this way it only has one size, but I can make it have several. I passed one end of the belt through the buckle and glued it and TA-DA here is the collar.

It can be used as a nice collar to be worn around the house. And, when you want to take your dog on a walk, it better be trained, or you could just buy a collar on purpose for walks.

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Nice description
by: Johanna

I liked those clear instructions. You could still use the collar outside the house if you had a slit in it. Simply put the dog's regular collar underneath and add the decorative collar. Then fasten the leash through the slit in the top collar.

by: Morne

Wow… This is simply the best dog collar I have seen that is home made. It is simple in looks, but has that girly look, which every female dog owner would love to have. And I did love the stone work you have done on it.

by: Taylor

I have always wanted to make my dog a collar because she tends to like to get away from the house...............

Very Cute
by: Lisa

I have heard of this idea about using a belt but this one is soooo creative! And really pretty.

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