Homemade Dog Costume:
1st Place Bubbles

by Rebecca Bankston
(Athens, Alabama)

This is how the body should look. This is before the Christmas balls were attached

This is how the body should look. This is before the Christmas balls were attached

If you are wanting something a bit different this year for your pet's Halloween costume, but you do not want to spend a lot of money or a lot of time on the project, this is the costume for you!

I created this costume last year for my Beagle puppy, Hubbell, and he won 1st Place in a local costume contest! Above is a photo of him so you can get a better understanding of this costume and how it should look. This is VERY VERY easy!! If I can do it, anyone can!

Supplies you will need:

* Fitted dog sweater/t-shirt
(You could make one out of fleece material like I did, just connect under the belly with velcro)

* Stuffing from an old pillow

* Clear PLASTIC Christmas balls (small and large)
You could purchase from Hobby Lobby or any
other arts and crafts store. I paid $3.00 total
for 2 boxes.

* Hot glue gun

* Needle and white thread

Now you are ready to get started!


1. Take stuffing from your pillow and stretch it out by pulling on all the ends. Basically, you are shaping some pieces to attach onto the dog sweater.

2. Hot glue the pillow stuffing onto the sweater. This does not have to be perfect. You can always add more stuffing! Make sure you cover every area (even under the belly of the outfit)

4. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement of the stuffing, heat up your glue gun again.

5. Take the Christmas balls and remove the hook pieces that connect to the balls themselves. Add glue around the opening of the balls then replace the hooks so that they will stay in place.** Let dry. ** Do them all at once to make this go quicker!

6. Take the needle and thread and start sewing the Christmas balls to your sweater. It's best if they are spread out.

7. You are finished! Take your pooch to a Halloween Party or enter them into a local costume contest in support of Animal Shelters! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Rebecca, this sounds like a fun and easy homemade dog costume. I hope other visitors will try this or some variation of it and let us know if/when their dog costume wins a prize! (Photos of your dog are always welcome and will be featured on our home page in a Monthly Dog Show.) Jo

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1st Place Bubbles

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You've submitted a winning idea!
by: Jo-Website editor

Hello Rebecca,

Your idea was selected as a winner among the submissions for July and August.

Please contact us and provide an email if you wish to claim your e-prizes.

Thanks! - Jo

super cute
by: Anonymous

This is such a cute idea. It really is a simple costume. I have already finished mine for this Halloween. Thanks for the idea.

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