Homemade Dog Costumes
for Halloween

Comet wearing a keg for a rescue dog outfitComet to the rescue!

One of the homemade dog costumes for Halloween that I made for Comet that he seemed to like was what I dubbed the Rescue Team.

I simply pretended he was a St. Bernard on a search-and-rescue mission. Then I dressed up in hiking gear with boots, hat and poles and a backpack with a red cross on it.

The instructions below are for the dog part of the costume, which is the keg that goes around his or her neck.

(If you're interested in skipping the details for this costume and looking for different ideas, head over here.)

Rescue Dog Keg

I designed this costume specifically for Comet, who didn't like wearing clothes but could tolerate something hanging around his neck.

The keg is an easy item to make from things you'll likely find around the house. Instructions follow.

Keg Materials

  • A tall empty aluminum can
  • Newspaper or padding material (plastic bags, fiber stuffing, foam)
  • Brown paper bag or brown paper
  • Masking or other tape
  • Electrical tape or other colored tape or colored marker (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cord, string or ribbon
  • A knitting needle or skewer

Keg Instructions

  • Make a hole in the opposite end of the can, in about the same place (be careful not to hurt yourself).
  • Wrap a sheet of newspaper the same height as the can around it and glue the ends together.
  • Take 2 sheets of newspaper and fold them together, lengthwise, about 2" [50 mm] wide to make a thick, narrow strip.
  • Glue the strip around the middle of the can. After you've gone once around, keep winding, gluing the strip to itself. Tape the end down with masking tape.
Adding the 5.5Adding the 5.5" strip
A 22"strip around the center, followed by the 3.5" piece
  • Take another 2 sheets of newspaper, and fold them a little wider, about 3.5" [90 mm]. Center the strip you have made over the one on the can and glue, wind and tape the end as before.
  • Now take just one sheet and fold it lengthwise to a width of 5.5" [140 mm] as shown in the photo at left. Follow the same procedure as above.
  • There will be some extra space between the can and this strip along the edges. Fold these edges in little V's and tape them down so that there are no more gaps.

For the final layer, take one sheet and fold it so it ends up being 6.5"  [165 mm] wide. Follow the previous step. Your padded can should now resemble a barrel.

Finishing the Keg

The cord is attached to the skewer that has been run through the barrelKeg ready for adding the cord
  • Put a skewer through both holes in the can. Tape the cord or ribbon to the end that doesn't have a knob on it. Pull the cord through the holes and tape in place with about 6" [150 mm] sticking out each hole.
  • Glue lengthwise strips of brown paper over the barrel.
  • Fold the ends over and tape them down.
  • Use black tape to make stripes at regular intervals as shown in the top photo.
  • Make brown paper circles and put holes in them for the cord.
  • Thread the cord or ribbon through and glue the circles onto the ends of the keg.

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