Homemade Dog Costumes

Why create homemade dog costumes? Isn't it easier to buy them?

Sally the diva in her flapper dog costume complete with peacock feathersSally the diva in her flapper costume

Sure you can always go and buy a costume, especially when you're in a hurry.

But there's simply no satisfaction like coming up with a unique design to wow the spectators at a contest, party, or parade!

Same biker chic costume but with mohawk helmetBiker chic with mohawk helmet. Cuffs are black pleather and skirt is gathered netting.
Bassett Hound in black pleather motorcycle costume with cap and gogglesSally in a costume using black pleather vest trimmed with red braid.

Expert sewing or crafting skills can really help, as shown by the photos of Sally in her  "flapper" and "biker chic" costumes.

The anonymous person who sent these to us made them for a neighbor's dog!

However, you don't need to be a pro - you can make a costume that stands out without major talent. A little planning goes a long way - I suggest you read through the sections below for assistance.

If you're still stuck for ideas of your own, check out additional submissions by visitors all the way at the bottom of this page.

Also, be sure to check out these tips for training your dog to wear a dog costume...

Getting Started

Scroll down the page for some basic suggestions regarding combining colors, choosing a theme for the costume, and materials you can use. 

Or, if you'd rather look at designs straight off, check out our pages containing ideas for Small and Medium or Large Dog Costumes with Matching Outfits.

Please note that many of our designs came to us through visitors - if you'd like to add your idea and photos - or view others' ideas - jump to the bottom of this page.

Homemade Dog Costumes
Possible Color Combinations

What If I Wanna Get Fancy?

Wearable Arf may be just what you're looking for - (Kindle version available for about half the cost) -

A simple idea for many holiday occasions is to match the colors of your materials with the colors for that particular holiday.

For example, make a pink cape for Valentine's Day or a green one for St. Paddy's Day.

For holidays where several colors are used, consider using a base color for the cape, then sewing or gluing on stars, hearts or other shapes in the other colors.

Adding some type of hat, tiara or crown makes for a more complete dog costume.

The hat can be the same color, more than one color, or have colors that contrast but go well with the cape.

Themes for Dog Costumes

Fit your dog costume ideas to the event your dog will be attending:

  • Are you entering a dog costume contest with categories such as "Best Dressed Dog," "Funniest Costume," "Best Homemade Costume"?
  • Is it an anything goes type of event such as Mardi Gras,  or a Halloween or New Year’s Eve party?

Is it a fancy dress party with "pirates," "superheroes," "Hawaii" or "wedding bells" as the theme?

Materials for Homemade Dog Costumes

wide range of materials can be used. Just be careful what you use if your dog is inclined to chew and swallow non-food items.

Some suggestions are:

  • Crêpe and construction paper
  • Brown paper bags and cardboard
  • Store-bought fabrics, cotton batting, cotton balls
  • Old quilts, afghans and old clothes
  • Ribbons and yarns (including crocheted and knitted oufits)
  • Multi-colored dry pasta pieces, rhinestones, plastic beads
  • Plain or colored aluminum foil and cellophane wrapping
  • Colored plastic bottles, clear or opaque
  • Plastic Christmas ornaments

Visitor Contributed Costume Ideas

What Other Visitors Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

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