Princess Puppy Hat

by Jenni

not mine just a helper

not mine just a helper

It's simple - all you need is....

pink construction paper
fake diamonds
other decorative things
hot pink marker
glue stik, glue gun, or school glue etc. (I used a glue gun)

Then all you need to do is shape it to fit your dog, cut what is sticking out, tape it together, then decorate it and write or draw on it.

Hello Jenni and thank you for taking the time to submit your idea with a photo.

One thing I would add to the description would be how this will be fastened to the dog. You could try bobby pins if your dog has long fur, although that might become uncomfortable. Another option is to take elastic and staple or tape it to the hat. It needs to fit snugly under the dog's chin but not too tightly.

Also, you will want to monitor the dog at all times. If the hat comes off, will he/she want to chew on it - or will you be around other dogs that may chomp down?

One more thing - construction paper may not be sturdy enough. It might be better to get something firmer, such as poster board or oaktag. Alternatively, you could use an old pizza box, form it into your Princess Puppy Hat, and then glue the pink paper over it. After that, you can add all the other stuff.

Happy crafting - and feel free to send a photo of your dog wearing such a hat!

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My dog's hat

I started by using an old black hat.
I just measured my dog's ears, then I cut the holes out.
I made sure the hat would stay together.
As soon as I put the hat on, he rolled in the snow and it kept his small head warm. I did this in the winter because he hated the cold - he never went out but now he goes outside in the snow all the time.

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Dog leg warmers

by Janessa

DIFFICULTY: Very very very simple

WHAT YOU NEED: 2 old pairs of socks. large scissors

First put the socks together evenly, and then cut off the bottom of the socks.
Seccond: Put them on your dog...

IF IT IS TOO BIG: Put the set on your dog inside out and pull the socks together to make it fit comfortably. Mark, sew along the line, then flip the socks back so the right side shows out.

There you have it! Cute little dog leg warmers for your dog to wear as a costume or out in the cold.

Editor's note: A simple idea indeed! It sounds like you could do this with just one sock too. Note: You might need to sew a seam along the edges that you cut.

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Doggy/Puppy Jordans

by Lexxus
(East Brunswick)

I think dogs should be rocking the latest gear like other people. Now they are alive just like we are. We wear brand-name clothes, why can't our pets? They deserve it!

Editor's note: I think many people do agree with you, Lexxus - there are any number of people selling designer dog clothes. Do you have some ideas for making your own dog clothes using designer labels?

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