Homemade Dog Ramp Designs

Build a dog ramp using our homemade dog ramp designs!

  • Our instructions are easy to follow, allowing you to create a number of different kinds of ramps.
  • You'll save a bundle when you build such a ramp yourself.
  • It doesn't take specialized woodworking skills and we walk you through each step.

Following are some of our homemade designs.


DIY dog ramp folded in rear of small SUVRamp folded in rear of Subaru
DIY portable folding dog ramp being used by a Great PyrenneesShadow, a Great Pyrennees, descending the Dogge Ramp™

Why deny your furry friend a chance to go along when you take a ride in your car or boat?

Stan, engineer-in-residence, has created two designs, dubbed the Dogge Rampand the Dogge Bridgeto help dogs that need a boost.

The plans consist of detailed CAD drawings and run USD 6.95 and 7.95, respectively. (We're keeping the cost low so you can spend the bulk of your money on materials.)

These are slightly different ramps geared toward the weight of your dog, using special engineering techniques.

Check out the Specs and Plan Information for each ramp type.

See here for Testimonials.

Thinking about ordering? Order plans here.


Plywood Ramp for Stairs

Another scenario is that some houses have stairs going down to a walkway or yard, or between levels in a home.

A dog with joint problems may need a plywood dog ramp to negotiate stairs, like the one shown at right, rather than to be lifted up each step.

Simply plywood dog ramp to cover stairsSimple plywood ramp for stairs

Side Ramp for Car, Pickup, Trailer or SUV

If you're looking for a ramp that does not fold and can access a vehicle from the side, here are some great instructions supplied by a man named John, who we met during our RV travels in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Homemade dog ramp to access a vehicle through a side doorA ramp that fits in the side door of a vehicle

Dog Bed or Couch Ramp

Some people want to make dog ramps for beds or couches so their doggie can join them for a snuggle without having to make several jumps in the attempt.*

Plan your sofa or bed ramp building project.

Follow the DIY instructions.

Couch ramp with a gradual inclineCouch ramp with a gradual incline

*Please note: We also have instructions for very narrow stairs so a doggie can access a bed in a tight space.

Pool Dog Ramp

Dog swimming pool ramp made from a simple lawn chairA simple lawn chair makes a handy swimming pool dog ramp

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* Inground Swimming Pool Ramp

Besides the above, some folks need a homemade dog ramp to help get their dogs out of a pool.

Here's a winner of an idea with detailed instructions and photos sent in by Marie from Gibraltar.

This design uses a simple lawn chair - see the diy pool dog ramp!

(Marie would like any comments you have on this - simply contact us and we'll pass them along to her.)

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