Homemade dog remedy
for recurring itchy ears

by KJN
(Granite City, IL)

My dog was a rescue and had ear problems when she came to me as a puppy. Now as an adult dog she still occasionally has itchy ears with a small amount of fluid or wax buildup. Whenever she gets to shaking her head to try to clear the problem herself or is continually scratching, I will clean and disinfect her ears with things I have at home in the bathroom cabinet. (I discovered this easy remedy one late night when she had scratched so much that she had caused her ear to bleed and it was too late for any stores to be open.)

By wetting a washcloth with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide and squeezing a little in the problem ear, I can then massage the ear from the outside to break up any wax or other debris. The alcohol will also help to dry up any fluid in the ear. I then mix a few drops of tea tree and jojoba oil and apply it to the inside of her ear with a Q-tip.

The ear is cleaned, dried, moisturized and disinfected with minimal cost and stress to myself and the dog. I think now she even likes getting her ears cleaned.

Editor's note: Thank you so much for submitting this homemade dog remedy, KJN! I'm sure our visitors will find this helpful as many dogs have trouble with their ears...

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for recurring itchy ears

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footnote to itchy ears
by: Viki Gentilman

MOST of the time if a dog has itchy ears they will also be licking their feet...if they are doing both, they probably have allergies. You can try to do detective work -- by limiting food to absolute minimum (like just chicken or beef) and add one item per week (that is if there is not a reaction). You also have to stop using floor cleaning products as they are absorbed into the feet. You can clean with just water...then you have to check things in your house...cushions, rugs, etc.

All of this CAN be done but it takes a lot of time and energy. The best route is to have an allergy test for the dog. This being said, the ear wash sounds great -- but if the dog has been itching so much that there is any blood please leave out the alcohol...it burns the poor dogs ears. When the other stuff gets the ears to itch less, then you can add the alcohol back into the mixture and clean the ears each day. Thanks for the great idea!

by: KJN (author)

Yes, of course it's a good idea not to use the rubbing alcohol if the dog has actually broken the skin by scratching. Earlier, I forgot to add that it's important to make sure to thoroughly dry out the ear after using the cleaning solution. I use a clean, dry, soft cloth on the end of my finger to gently wipe any of the loose debris or wax from the outer ear before using the tea tree oil.

Ear problems
by: Chris

Thanks for the info re: allergies. My 8 yr old pittie has been licking her feet and she has chronic yeast/bacterial problems. I used to let her run into the ocean, chasing her ball. And my 3 1/2 mos puppy also has an ear infection. Now we're using prescription ear cleaners; however, I've discovered a product from the health food store called Ear Oil. It has essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavendar,garlic and mullein. I love the way my ears feel so I think my dogs will love it too. And it will be pretty easy to make my own version. Need to get used to some home remedies. Who can afford the vet bill these days?

Re: itchy ears
by: KJN

Another suggestion I would make at this point would be to eliminate corn from your dog's diet. Since I have started baking our own corn-free treats and switched to a corn-free dry food, the ear problems have mostly gone away. I tried this on a recommendation from a vet tech friend of mine. After a couple months we've only had one ear incident after she ate a regular dog biscuit at a family member's house.

Yeasty Ears
by: Anonymous

We had been told to mix half and half Listerine and water. I put it on a paper towel and seems to help. Dry it out with a q-tip.

Tea Tree Oil is TOXIC to Dogs!!!!
by: Anonymous

Plz. DO NOT use tea tree oil - it is toxic to dogs!!!!!

by: Jenny Creech

I have an 8yr. wiener dog, his ears are all broke out. He keeps shaking his head is there something I can put on them till I get him to vet? I tried poison ivy medicine, didn't help, plus anti-itch spray PLEASE I need help. I don't like to see OTIS suffer Thank You

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