Homemade Dog Shampoo Information

Homemade dog shampoo - can I really make some?

Yes, you can make your own dog shampoo for that dirty or smelly dog often for less than commercial shampoos.

Look for our homemade dog shampoo recipes here, along with information about natural treatmentsfor dog skin allergies and irritations.

If you have a dog with flea problems, a dog that's been skunked, or one that rolled in some kind of poop, scroll down for suggestions.

Comets with a dirty face and paws from digging after a critter

Fleas on Dog

Based on our experiences with a cute black Lab mix named FB, we're inclined to agree with the views expressed by someone named Jesse that fleas are more of an indicator regarding deficiencies in your dog's diet so we do not recommend a particular flea shampoo. See Fleas: Friend or Foe? 

We have heard that giving a dog apple cider vinegar internally gets rid of fleas. We have not tried this out on our dogs so would recommend you read the following article regarding this issue.

However, if your dog needs immediate relief because he or she is covered in fleas and itching like crazy, try a room temperature bath with or without using one of the mild shampoos on our Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipes page. If you immerse your dog long enough, you can drown a lot of the fleas off, which is what we did with F.B.

To get rid of flea eggs in the home, keep your dog(s) and and other furry pets, if you have any, in a bathroom or other place with non-carpeted flooring while you do some thorough vacuuming. Repeat as often as possible till you feel flea control has been established.

There is a homemade recipe that may avoid your having to vacuum as often as Jo did with F.B. (click on the link then Page Down to Fleas in the home.

Skunk Got Your Dog (or Cat)?

Our thanks to Denise, from Albion, NY provided us with the following homemade dog shampoo recipe for pets that have been skunked - wish we'd known about this the night Comet tangled with one:

"Try 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda, and a little pet-safe shampoo.This mixture breaks down the skunk oils so it can be shampooed away!

We did it for our cat Tazz..who wasn't so lucky prowling one night..he actually didn't mind a bath..seen here..thinking about a swim."

P.S. You may want to print out or write up the recipe and put it in a handy place if there are skunks in your off leash areas.

Dog Rolled in Stinky Stuff

Does your dog like to roll in horse, cow or dog poop or dead animals? It's thought that this is an instinctive behavior inherited from wolves to disguise themselves when hunting.

Of course that's no comfort if you're the unlucky owner! Mitsu, the Dachshund I had in childhood, would sometimes enjoy finding a pungent pile of horse or other poop to roll in, so a bath was the first thing she'd get.

I believe my mother used baby shampoo and someone who posted on Yahoo Answers about this problem said baby shampoo was the only thing that took away the smell. 

Note that this is human shampoo, so due to pH concerns, it is best to avoid using it on a regular basis.

You may also want to try the Superb Homemade Dog Recipe listed on that page to see if that works instead of baby shampoo, since it includes baking soda, a common odor remover, as an ingredient.

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