Make a dog T-shirt

by Gabbi
(New York)

1. You take an old unused t shirt and make sure it fits your dog
2. Then you take supplies such as paints, glitter, etc. and decorate it.

Voila! you have a t shirt for your pup!

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No-sew fleece dog shirt

by Teresa

I made this fleece dog shirt for my toy/mini poodle, and I'm 12!

1) Take a piece of fleece (that rhymed! ha ha!) and cut it to the length of about the middle of your dog. Wrap it around the best you can, and cut so the ends meet on the underside of your dog.

2) Cut sleeves either by making 2 holes, 2 slits, or a gap on each side.

3) Cut a few holes on the underside of the shirt; how many depends on how you will close it.

4) Take ribbon, and either lace it through the holes like a shoelace, or a few small ribbons, or even a zipper if you want to sew it.

5) I like to add decorations. Put bows or something on. Take a square of fleece, and squish the middle so it looks like a bowtie pasta. Then take a ribbon and tie it around the middle. Cut 2 holes on the top of the shirt, and put one end of ribbon in each, then tie.

6) Enjoy!

Note: It will take a cooperative dog. Try when your dog wants to nap or cuddle. And talk to him/her. And you can also get fleece at a craft store or Walmart. You don't need a lot for a small dog shirt, so look in the scraps.

Editor's note: Thank you for the detailed instructions, Teresa - we hope you have some more great ideas!

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Personally made dog shirt!

by Anna

Use an old shirt or sew your own. Get the size depending on the size of your dog. Use a sharpie or fabric marker to draw a design on it. You could also cut out pieces of fabric and sew then on. If desired make the fabric match your dogs fur.

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Homemade dog shirt idea:
School shirt

by Jake

Here is a homemade dog shirt idea using an old school shirt, the kind that has buttons which fasten up the middle.

  • First you get these things:



  • Cut the sleeves half way.

  • Cut the body so the shirt covers your dog's back but does not get in the way of your dog's privates on the belly side.

  • Keep the buttons on so you can do them up.

  • That's it, you're done!

Editor's note: Thank you again, Jake. We had thought about adapting T-shirts but not using a button up shirt - that makes so much more sense since the fasteners are on there already.

If you take your dog to a sports event wearing the shirt it is sure to garner quite some attention!

One thing to make sure about is that the sleeves are not too tight since the dog will not enjoy wearing something that restricts his or her movement.

Another thing to watch out for is if the shirt is too loose, it may trip your dog up when walking. You may need to fold and sew it along the sides or near the buttons to get it to fit well.

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nice n` warm:) dog shirt

So you have and old babay shirt and don't know what to do with it besides throw it in the trash. It's winter and your dog is freezing, so here's how to turn that old baby shirt into a recycled dog sweater:

First cut the sleeves so that it's the right length for your dog's legs, then cut a V-shaped part by the place your dog goes potty.

Make sure it fits and voila! you're done.

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Football jersey for Yorkie

by Abbey
(Newark, Ohio)

I want to find my teacup Yorkie terrier a jersey for my boyfriend's football games. I want it to say his last name on it and also his number (make it look like an actual jersey).

Editor's note: Abbey, thank you for your question. Your best bet would be to find a child's shirt with no writing that has the right background colors and is a good fit for your Yorkie. Then you can add your own writing with masking or reflective tape, or a fabric pen, or acrylic paint. Let us know how it works out!

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Homade dog clothes:
Dog tank top

by Louise
(Bridgewater, PA, usa)

Purchase fabric of your choice.
Then measure your dog starting behind its arms. Meaure the distance around your dog and how long your dog is or depending on how long you want the shirt.
Then cut out the using your measurements.
Sew this so it looks like a tube.

If you want an easy to put on shirt instead of sewing fabric use velcro to keep it together. Once sides have been sown put on dog.
Then cut out small- large slivers of fabric depending on size of dog.
Put slivers over dog as straps. then once you have the right length sow on shirt.

Note: take shirt off dog before sowing on straps!

Also, you can add your own taste or art to the shirt by using fabric paint on shirt or iron-on patches. Before you know it your dog will have a shirt that suits him or her. this is a project that is easy and simple to make. All you need is a few sewing skills.

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