Homemade Dog Toy:
The Whipwhir

An easy homemade dog toy that's not only unique but great dog exercise and loads of fun - as long as its used correctly! 

Comet loved chasing the Whipwhir

The Whipwhir (pronounced "whipper") can be used both outdoors and inside - provided you have enough space.

It gives your dog a fantastic workout in quite a short period of time, say 10 to 15 minutes, depending your dog's condition.

Comet, our GSD mix, would run, jump and twist to catch the toy or rag at the end of the rope.

We made it difficult for him to do so by changing the direction and height in as creative a way as possible. 

Once he caught it, we'd have a short tug of war, or he'd shake it vigorously a few times.

Comet strategizing

Jumping and twisting are all part of the fun!

He quickly came to realize that the fun stopped unless he let go.

It was a good opportunity to teach him the "drop it" and "leave it" commands...

It was his absolute favorite toy!

Making the Whipwhir

ESTIMATED TIME - 10 minutes to an hour


  • 4 to 6 feet [1.5 to 2.3 m] of cord .25-.75 inch (6-19 mm) thick
  • Old broomstick or equivalent, preferably with a hole in one end. (Your broomstick may unscrew from the brush)
  • Drill with 3/8 or 1/2 inch bit (option 1)
  • Duct tape (option 2)


  • On one end, make a loop big enough to put your hand through
  • Form a smaller loop at the other end (three fingers wide)
  • Drill a hole near the end of your stick if it does not have one**
  • Push the larger loop through the hole in your stick
  • Put your cord through the loop and pull it tight
  • You should now have a crude fishing pole

**Alternatively, use duct tape to fasten the cord to the stick


If you don't have a stick or pole of any kind, you can simply take a piece of cord or rope, then add one of the attachments below.

Congratulations - you've made yourself the first part of this homemade dog toy! 

But you're not quite finished yet, because a Whipwhir works best with various attachments.

There are also important safety instructions for its use so your dog does not get injured.

Homemade Dog Toy Attachments

There are several different attachments we came up with. Each took less than 5 minutes to make.

Cut cloth strips from an old T-shirt or sweatshirt about 2 inches wide and about 1 foot long [5 x 30 cm]. Tie in the middle. Tie onto your Whipwhir end loop using two loose strips

Take a Sock Swing Ball. Cut a slit in the middle of the loose end of the sock. Take these loose ends and tie onto your Whipwhir end loop

Cut a strip of rag about 6 inches wide and 2 feet long [15 x 60 cm]. Tie one end through the Whipwhir end loop. Tie a knot in the rag about halfway down. Cut a fringe out of the remaining loose end

Cut a strip of rag about 3 inches wide and 18 inches long [7.5 x 45 cm]. Tie one end through the Whipwhir end loop. Tie the other end firmly around a squeaky toy.

Obviously, many more variations of are possible. Feel free to suggest  your ideas.

Whipwhir Safe Use

We think there is potential for injury with this homemade dog toy, so please read the following carefully!

  • Get your dog fully warmed up before getting into the higher, wilder jumping and twisting motions by
  • Having your dog play fetch for a few minutes, OR
  • Having your dog chase the Whipwhir along or near the ground, as shown in the photo at the top of this page.

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