Puppy Popsicles

by Emily
(Santa Fe, NM)

Begin by gathering some of your dog's favorite treats. If the treats are carbs, or bread-like treats, disolve them in water first to get a powder before stirring them into the water with other treats. Then you just pop your puppy popsicles in the freezer overnight!

Hi Emily,
That sounds like an interesting idea. You could also dissolve such treats in low-sodium chicken or beef broth, or skip the bread-like stuff since dogs are not meant to have that many carbs and just do juice or broth. Another option would be to take cooked liver, eggs, or ground meat and mash it with a little bit of broth or salad dressing.

You did not say how you turn them into puppy popsicles. I am assuming you just use the plastic popsicle containers that people use for kids. If people do not have any of those, they could fill an ice cube tray or, if the treats are firm enough, they could be shaped by hand into desired shapes and placed on a tray. Note that I find it useful to use wax paper taken from empty cereal boxes to save on clean up. Jo

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Make a Dog Treat:
Doggie Icy Pole

by Georgia

Start off with a medium sized bone from any butcher or from last night's roast and place it in an old plastic cup.

Make some beef, chicken, or vegetable stock (meat flavour works best) and pour it into the cup with the bone. Fill the cup to the top with stock.

Add some dog biscuits that will add to the flavour and soak up some stock, adds texture and is more fun for the dog.

Freeze the cup and all of it's contents until it is completely solid.

On a hot day, take the frozen treat out of the cup and give to the dog outside.

Not only does this keep your dog cool, it keeps her entertained for a few hours and when she's finally done with the frozen stock and biscuits, theres a tasty bone for her to chew on!!

My girl Lucy absolutely loves these and on hot days, she'll see the freezer open and run outside waiting for her treat.

Editor's note: Sounds yummy - thank you for sharing this, Georgia!

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Doggie Icy Pole

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Jan 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

yes agree completly

Jan 03, 2009
be careful
by: Anonymous

be careful not to use chicken bones!

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Pug Popsicles

by Courtney L.
(Houston, TX)

1. you freeze a whole banana, plain yougert.
2. blend the mixture in a blender
3. freeze the mixture in the freezer
4. time to eat!

p.s. please dont give me credit - i found this recipe on the Internet.

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Frozen dog treats:

by caitlyn
(chinchilla QLD)

get an old container(doesnt hav to hav a lid.) fill it up with water n u can add a bone or i like to put vegemite in the water, or cheese (sumfin ur dogs like to eat.) then put it in the freezer until fully frozen n giv to ur dog on a hot sunny day. EASY

Editor's note: Sounds delicious! We're assuming that you take the frozen dog treat out of the container before you give it to your dog.

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Jul 05, 2009
Sounds Good!

Sounds GOOD and yes i hope u do take it out of the container before giving it to your dog!!!!!

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Veggie meat rolls for dogs

by Emma
(Liverpool UK)

These are so easy to make and very tasty!

You will need:
Parsley, grated carrot or carrot skin, and celery*
Unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter*
Cooked or raw meats (chicken and turkey for example)*
Chicken broth - low sodium*

*Organic is best if you can find/afford it

1) Chop the parsley and celery to suitable size pieces for your dog. Cut the meat the same way.

2) Place the meat in the middle of the above veggie bits. Add the carrot to the peanut butter and then use the peanut butter to stick everything together to make mini rolls.

3) Put the veggie meat rolls in the freezer in a dish, separated.

4) You will know they are ready when they are firm and the rolls don't come undone (the peanut butter will be frozen). Take them out.

5) Dunk them in the chicken broth

6) Offer them to your dog! Store extras in a plastic freezer bag to keep them fresh. Your dog will love these!

Jo's comments: It sounds like one dog veggie meat roll could practically turn into a meal for a smaller dog. It may be a good idea to take the frozen log, let it thaw just a little bit, and cut it into slices or even halve or quarter slices so that the pieces qualify as treats rather than a meal.

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Feb 17, 2012
by: Emma


Well I feel its a matter of preference about the raw or cooked meat since this does not require cooking

About the carrot skin pieces yes you are correct :)

About the peanut butter. I am not sure never thought of checking actually :/

Yes I forgot to add that about the chicken broth


Thank you for adding your comments, Emma! Jo

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