Homemade Pom Poms

Homemade pom poms or pompoms of different sizes are very easy to make out of a length of yarn or yarn pieces.

A special pom pom maker or cardboard circles are NOT necessary; simply use your fingers, some yarn and a pair of scissors.

For miniature pompoms, a needle and thread is useful.

About Homemade Pom Poms

Pom poms can easily be added to fabrics, woven projects, leather or nylon collars by gluing or sewing them on by hand. 

Or match multiple colors as shown by the red-white-and-blue woven collar and pompom at right.

Make pompons one solid color to accent certain colors in your project, like this red pom pom on the blue-and-red background.

More things to note:

  • When you spread the yarn out to make a ball, it may be an imperfect sphere, which may not matter when you’re adding it as a decoration to a dog item.
  • One option is to simply arrange it so the best parts are visible and sew or glue the rest down.
  • You can also snip the ends for a smoother look. This will reduce the size of your pompom.

Pompom Instructions - Medium Size

Below are written instructions for making homemade pom poms from 3/4" (20 mm) to 1.5" (37 mm) across using yarn of average thickness.

If you prefer a visual, this brief YouTube tutorial shows how.

  1. Take about 40 to 60 ft (12 to 18 meters) of yarn and wrap it snugly, but not too tightly, around three of your fingers.
  2. Cut 12" of yarn in the same color and tie it around the middle of the wrap in one direction.
  3. Make a knot, slip the bundle off your fingers, and pull it tight.
  4. Turn it over and tie a knot on the other side.
  5. Cut through the loops with scissors.
  6. Spread the yarn out to make a ball shape.
  7. Trim carefully to even things out to the size you want.

Pompom Instructions - Mini Size

  1. Take about 20 short pieces of yarn, between 1/2" to 1 1/4" inches (12 to 30 mm) long.
  2. Double a length of matching color thread through a sewing needle.
  3. Sew through the middle point of each yarn piece.
  4. When all pieces are threaded, wrap the thread tightly around the middle of the entire bundle and sew through it twice.
  5. End with a knot, pull tight, and cut off.
  6. Fluff the yarn up to create a ball.
  7. Trim the mini pom pom for size and symmetry.

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